I just get goosebumps even writing those words. I’m so excited about the upcoming Power Your Spirit Challenge I could BURST! We have so many beautiful, ambitious, adventurous, indie-loving, yoga playing, inversion junkie, beginners, lovers & friends joining in our challenge!!! I cannot WAIT to have you there. (Check it out & sign up here!)

This week was full of passion. I worked my ASS(ana) off…. I practiced more than I have in a long time and began to get back to my body. I rearranged my office so I could work harder, longer and more productively. I challenged MYSELF by creating a challenge for you that will blow your mind. I worked closely with a new friend and accountability partner. I went on dates with my hubby, played Monopoly, celebrating Navarati at temple & painted the town (and my face) red with blessings and LOVE.

Most importantly: I celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary!!!!!! We went out to a beautiful restaurant, hubby got me a (beyond gorgeous) new mala along with some new trinkets and clothes… and we snuggled. Lots of quiet time and downtime was exactly what we needed this year — and I loved every moment of it!

The Little Things

Playing with Apollo every day, new routines, my brand new camera, my new “pinterest” clothes, my new hat (!!), tiny devotions manifesto & MALA (!!!), tiny devotions (just in general), challenging myself to be braver than ever, writing, writing, writing & more writing, menu planning, ringing the bell at temple, feeling at home and beautiful while celebrating new traditions, new office, new ideas & MUCH MORE!!

Gratitude Prompt: In the comments, tell me the most risque & FUN thing you’ve ever done… that you are VERY grateful for. Something that scared you before you tried it and thrilled you afterwards.

Get out there– do yoga & make life SPARKLE!

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