Magical Mondays: IRS & Puppy Snuggling

Magical Monday is a bit difficult to write today, but with a 6 month old puppy in bed who just wants to cuddle – it’s also more magical!

Apollo was neutered this week, which was a big event in our lives. I’ve never had a dog before, so we are taking extra good care of him as the vet said: a big whale cookie, new collar & leash and PLENTY of cuddling, because our poor little dude can’t run and play for a whole week! But we have been and will be on plenty of leash walks – out and about having fun on our own terms.

This week was full of adventure & I am happy to say that I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was able to practice paddle boarding once more, and was invited to a potluck dinner afterwards. I had much hesitation, as I really wanted to be home with hubby & the furry babies, but decided to go anyway. What a blast! It was so much fun to eat vegan/raw/YUMMY foods and hang out with a few friends and many people I didn’t know too well. Hopefully next time hubby will be able to attend!
The hubby & I also had a fun filled Cape weekend, where (as always) we got to try a new place to eat! Not being from Cape Cod, or ever even vacationing here before moving – we love to try new cuisine and locales! This Saturday, we went toBuca’s…..oh. MY!!! To die for delicious. We had the artichokes wrapped in proscuitto with roasted red peppers for an appetizers and it was all up hill from there. One yummy dish after the next, in a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. I am going to yelp them and give them as many stars as they gave portion sizes (a bit overwhelming, but plenty for leftovers!) Apollo even lucked out because I got the veal special, and it came with a yummy marrowbone that he is still thoroughly enjoying this morning.
Journey to Hope has some amazing & wonderful news, alongside mediocre news:
We got our paperwork back from the lawyers and are ready to send in our 501c3 paperwork to the IRS! It is a moment that I have been waiting months and months for, and I am thrilled that we are one step closer to being a legal non-profit.
The downside? We owe $850 to the IRS along with this paperwork to even be considered. Any donation, large or small, is generous and kind. Our paypal link can be found on our homepagelink, and we would love any & all donations so we can send this paperwork out! Also, check ourbenefits section to see if any up coming events pique your interest – and then come on out, practice yoga, get henna & support a good cause.
The little things: I (almost) finished my to-do list this week, new rice crackers I discovered at the party, paddle boading and doing yoga with new friends, Moving Meditation newsletters, blog post brainstorming for Journey to Hope, feeling healthier, house hunting/dreaming/manifesting, dark & stormy cocktails at Buca’s, getting out of my comfort zone, running, good conversation, MY HUBBY, cuddling with the furry babies, grant work, IRS paperwork(!!), planning our documentary, clean house (and amazingly helpful hubby) and PACKING for the 21st birthday adventure for one of the most beautiful, kind and loving girls I know. I am SO excited to go on a surprise getaway with my cousins, and so grateful to my Aunt Pam for putting the wheels in motion and helping with the biggest part of our adventure!
The week ahead is full of to-do lists, oil changes, shopping, love, cuddling, lunch dates, raw food adventures, running, yoga & much, much more!

I hope your week ahead is shinning and beautiful (even in the rain)!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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