Magical Mondays: New Website!

yogi socks & a crytsal bowl
             yogi socks & a crytsal bowl

Good Morning Yogis & Yoginis!

What a beautiful morning it is!! I am still a bit high off of the blissful vibrational energy of my teacher training weekend and I believe I even created a sequence in my sleep last night. We did a lot of sequencing work this weekend and I’m pretty sure I woke up in some form of virabadrasana (warrior) 2.

I learned so much, as I do each teacher training weekend. This is the second weekend and as such, I felt some of the intricacies beginning to sink in and become engrained. I felt my body begin to settle and my mind, although overwhelmed finally feels able to grasp all of this beautiful sanskrit & sequencing of asanas. I am so grateful to be on this path and know I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

The biggest annoucement is my new website! It’s finally here! I love every inch of it and welcome your feedback and I work through some things with my designer, Cara Marquis. I think it looks fabulous and am excited to finally share and be HERE.

Blonde, handmade blocks & teacher trainee practices
       Blondie & teacher training highlights

The Little Things

Walking with Apollo in this (almost) nice weather, going to Inaho with hubby to celebrate a Thursday, becoming a blondie again (!!), teacher training weekend, researching yoga trainings for my electives, planning, google calendars, silly doctors appointments ending with YOGA being the best thing for me, Shiva Rea DVDs, practicing meditations & mantras, OHMwork, homework, half days, dinner with my brother & his roommate, CLUE the movie, subbing tonight for Leigh & so much more.

I hope you’re loving your life, expressing gratitude and keeping your heart & eyes open to all the opportunities around you.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!



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