Magical Mondays: NEW WEBSITE!


Many of you are familiar with my blog posts over on I’ve decided to take my blog posts off of my non-profit site and allow them to shine on their own in the blogger world.

Journey to Hope Yoga Inc. is a yoga non-profit that I started last August, 2011. Myself, along with 4 regular volunteers and 4 additional board members, maintain Journey to Hope. We serve Cape Cod with yoga at no cost, to those who cannot afford it or do not have access. Currently, we serve 5 private locations and 1 public location (twice a week). Please visit our website for more details!

Every Monday for the past few months, I have typed up a Magical Mondays post. I started this post in order to count my blessings and remember the good things I have done in the past week. It is a beautiful thing to stay in the moment and count the blessings you have. As the saying goes: “Wanting what you already have is the key to happiness.”

This Monday, as always, I have much to be grateful for! This past week I went for lunch with my friend Lauren. It’s such a treat to see her each week – especially at lunch. She has a corporate job and I teach yoga, so it is nice to switch up our lives and catch up over yummy lunch! Plus, she is a good friend, and I believe it is so important to keep in touch with friends!

The little things: friends watching our furry babies this weekend, Apollo’s puppy training, our documentary(!!), riding my new bike to the beach, shades of grey trilogy, summer schedule, great teachers meeting at power yoga of cape cod, brand new business cards(!), new “hippie” style purse, sunglasses, a new octopus to add to the ever growing collection, house hunting with hubby, running errands, aqua yoga, energy healings, peaches, strawberry basil margaritas, sunrise photo shoots and getting ready for the Journey to Hope MAJOR FUN-draiser!

This past weekend was the highlight of my week. The hubby and I went away for the evening, to Eastham. We used our Sheraton points and had an AMAZING mini-staycation. Breakfast in bed, hot tub, pool, swordfish and steak dinner, strawberry basil margaritas, big beds, flea markets, mini-golf and much more!! We squeezed in so much in such a small amount of time, and it was the perfect escape. I am so blessed that we live on a wonderful island… allowing us to have a mini vacation 30 minutes down the street that feels like it is hours away from home!

This week, challenge yourself to write down three things that make you blissfully happy. Breathe, laugh, smile, do yoga & love harder than you know.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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