Magical Mondays: NYC Lights

Whoa! What a Monday!!
First of all, today marks 6 months since we got married!! What an amazing and beautiful life we have – I love my husband so much and am so happy to be with him!!
This week was exactly what I needed. Full of lunch dates, new ideas, reiki & working out – to keep up my strength in yoga! This coming week is full of more inspiring lunch dates, yoga, a juice cleanse & much more.
I am mostly grateful to my new friends, especially Rhia (!!!) & Eric and J – for being so amazing this weekend. Rhia watched our little man Apollo while we were on a mini vacay off to NYC! We had a blast and we wouldn’t have had the same experience if we had tried to bring him with us – I couldn’t be more grateful to have good friends. At this point in my life, one would assume it’s a given, but it has always been a challenge for me to find wonderful people to rely on! I am so, so blessed to be living here on Cape Cod with all these amazing people!
Aside from the little things (reiki, lunch dates, instagram for androids, puppy playdates), this week was hugely about the weekend. As hubby & I both work on weekends, it is rare that we get a full weekend “off.” When we do, we usually travel up to Boston and see our folks. This was the first time since our honeymoon that we went away together! NYC was so full of life, adventure, pretty clothes, nature & friends. Every street corner revealed a new adventure – every minute, every breath, was breathtaking.
We had such a blast visiting with hubby’s old high school friends, and our best man (and his girl)! I even stayed up until 3am BOTH nights – and slept in until NOON!
Serendipity, with its frozen hot chocolate, was magical and everything I could have asked for. Highline park was beautiful and interesting. I even scored some new Lush products while I was down there!
I have a feeling the week ahead will be full of magic as well. With my beautiful puppy back in my arms, I am happy to be back on Cape Cod – imagining the possibilities of the week ahead. I have a feeling we are all in for a great adventure!  
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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