Magical Mondays: Old Friends & Wedded Bliss

Well hello there friends!

Another Magical Monday is upon us and I couldn’t be more grateful. This past week (and weekend) was full of love! Another wedding of a wonderful old friend was held at Castle in the Clouds. It was BEYOND magical, and just before they walked down the aisle, the sun appeared as a beautiful bright light while they exchanged wedding vows. This was a wedding 9 years in the making and I cried the entire ceremony. It was touching, beautiful and there was so much love we could all taste it.

This past week was also full of love! It was full of traveling, driving, writing, course building and so much more. The Ahimsa Project videos were created, a yoga nidra recorded, worksheets made for OHMwork and much more! I cannot wait to share all of this course with you soon!!

I’m also VERY excited to announce the Power Your Spirit Challenge (which I’ll write about this week) and hope you join us on October 19th!! Check it out here!!

The Little Things

Watching Ashley & Frankie seal their love with a kiss in the clouds, creating my own work schedule, cocoa tea, working 12 hour days because I want to, Nadia’s engagement (!!!), sending out my first set of mala beads & bracelets, a high school sleepover, snuggling with my boys on the beach in Wolfeboro, maple lattes, getting ready in the same house as a gaggle of girls (sorry boys), our DD Dick who safely brought us home, getting lost, buying my brand new DSLR, creating more content and better posts for you, decorating for fall, reading again, brainstorming parties, creating a schedule for next years RETREATS (stay tuned), trolley rides, car selfies, walking down Newbury Street, recording videos with my favorite videographers, interviews, subbing classes, TAKING classes, enjoying a beautiful energy healing with a wonderful teacher/friend and so much more!

It was yet another week of love, love, love because “love is all you need”!

I would love to hear from YOU now… here’s your gratitude prompt for the week: “What is YOUR definition of love??” Leave a comment below with your loving gratitude.

Sending you love, love & more love.

2 thoughts on “Magical Mondays: Old Friends & Wedded Bliss

  1. Nadia

    Wow Jenny! You seem so much happier now that you are doing you own thing and focusing on your business. I’m so happy for you and appreciate all your love! XOXO

  2. Jenny R Post author

    Love you!!! So happy for you lady 😉

    I AM happier. I wasn’t sure how everything would work out (and I’m still not) but I am happy! And working hard. 



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