Magical MOndays: Paddle Board, Orange Mani/Pedi’s and LOTS OF LOVE!

Hubby & I!
64 oz. "drink for 2"
Apollo looking like a stud!
My perspective on Magical Monday’s will not change, even though today my body feels as though I have been hit by a bus, I still feel magical!
I went paddle boarding yesterday for the first time. We did standup paddleboard practice for two hours on a pond in Nickerson State Park. It was a blast, and I knew it was a workout while I was doing it, but didn’t realize quite how much it would hurt in the morning! Fortunately, with my schedule changes and summer looming around the corner; this morning I get to TAKE a class – which make all these muscles soften and my breath return to where it is supposed to be!
A few updates for Journey to Hope before we move onto the more personal adventures! First, we attended a health fair at Wellfleet Elementary School on Friday and had a wonderful time meeting parents and students. It was great exposure and I am blessed to have my intern, Cindy, looking out for us and these fun events.
We also raised an unexpected $200 this week, which is more than enough to pay the digital design artist, and pay for a portion of the OMEGA conference, if we don’t get the scholarship I applied for! We also booked a few more benefit classes, as well as a henna & wine party!! Check out details here, and please feel free to join us at any of our events.
We also received our first set of questions from the lawyers on our pending status, and will hopefully we finalizing all of our paperwork this week or next!
This past week was full of many adventure! My parents came down to visit and we went to the Sandwich Glass Blowing Museum (amazing, and only $6!). We also went to the JFK memorial and let Apollo run around the beach, as well as eat some fabulous casserole my mom made, while playing Jepordy in the living room. It was such a blast, and I was glad they could both make it. It was nice because the hubby & I worked in the morning and rearranged schedules so we could have 80% of our day off!
This week was also full of little things: the national seashore, sea glass hunts, hysterical doggy daycare pick-ups (apparently Apollo is a stud), cuddling, the first boat of the season, seeing my friends from Boston, standup paddle boards, swimming in April, chocolate hazelnut butter, TARGET!!!, church (I am LOVING my new church and this week, hubby came with me), paddle boarding, my hubby, orange mani/pedis, ice cream breaks, shopping & much more!
The little things are almost always what get you through the week, but this week was so full of life and love that it was a collective whole of magical adventures.
I am looking forward to a week full of productivity, promises of attending more yoga classes to make my body feel complete again, getting my mala beads back soon (!), finally meeting a colleague after weeks of busy-ness, another boat, beach walks, horoscopes, cuddling, traders joes trips, brainstorming with friends and much more!

I hope you are all having a wonderfully magical Monday! Get out there, in your own world, and make some fun happen. Even if it is a mani/pedi, a walk on the beach or in downtown Boston or finding a $2 winning scratch ticket on the ground – look for and find the magical in each day. We all have blessings and love surrounding us. The universe will provide, we just need to SEE it. As I’ve said before, sometimes we need to believe it in order to see it!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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