Magical Mondays: Please Help!

Good morning Monday!
I’m not sure about you all, but there is something about Monday’s that I just love. Reflection, counting my blessings and the ability to look at the coming week with a wonderful sense of anticipation.
Before I get into the blessings and adventures of the past week, however, I want to give you a little insight on Journey to Hope’s financial situation. We hired a lawyer two months ago on a three month payment plan. We desperately need to raise the last $200 by the end of the month and NEED you help! If you feel so inclined, please press the donate button on the left hand side and donate to us through paypal. It would be greatly appreciated in order to help us pay our lawyer and become a legal 501(c)3 non-profit.

I am so blessed to be part of a community that cares about bringing yoga to each other. Because of you, we are able to provide yoga to those who cannot afford it, or do not have access to it!

I am also blessed in many ways this past week! I spoke to two old friends, Ashley & Beth. I met with both of my bosses and caught up on their lives and what is going on at Power Yoga of Cape Cod & The Moving Meditation. I took a class last night at Power Yoga in our new studio!! It looks beautiful and has such a loving and vibrant vibe.
Yesterday was full of yoga, church (I think I finally found one I like!), brunch with the hubby, windy beach walks with Apollo, Once Upon a Time and a smoothie with kale (for the first time)!
This little things I am grateful for this week: finally seeing Wanderlust, kale in smoothies, teaching sunrise classes, visiting Apollo’s new doggy daycare, teaching English (I love my other jobs), Hugo, brunch, pre-made food for unexpectedly long days, St. Patty’s day parade in Yarmouth, puppy kindergarten, chocolate PB & green apples, teacher meetings, birthday parties, take-out & birthday girls, martini’s, magicians, friends, love & the amazing support of our yoga community here on Cape Cod.
I am also a little famous this week, which is very exciting! Click here to see the article of how I combine all of my interests in one.
I feel so blessed to wake up everyday in this wonderful life I have created. Do you?? What can you do to make your own world sparkle with love & light?
Please share your thoughts, love & inspiration in the comments. *and if you feel so inclined, please donated to JTH!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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