Magical Mondays: Post Yoga Bliss

Why is it that every Monday after teacher training I feel as though I’m floating through space? Nothing can go wrong, bliss is everywhere and I am a yoga Goddess!

Hehehe…. okay, okay I may not be a yoga Goddess and there may be things that go wrong on the Monday’s after teacher training– but I always feel rejuvenated. This weekend in particular, I felt at peace and excited about all the possibilities ahead of me. As we contemplated quantum physics and resonance out on the rocks in a harbor in Rhode Island, I was reminded of my 8th grade church confirmation.

Years ago, as a confirmation student, I was asked to retreat into a silent meditation for an hour and was lead to the water to contemplate my path with God. I remember vividly not only the beauty of life around me, but also a beautiful photograph in my mind of my fellow confirmation friends sitting on rocks by the sea.

In Rhode Island this weekend, as I looked at all my beautiful yogi friends sitting on their respective rocks in the harbor I realized I had been here before: in a silent meditation listening to the vibrations of the universe and contemplating my path among same minded people.

It is such a gift to know and understand that I HAVE been here before. I’ve been on a path to spirit, to love and to light before this weekend… and now more than 13 years later, I am standing with yet another group of individuals on a similar path. To sit in a silent meditation with 25 other men and women who want to bring love, light and happiness to all (just as you do) is more powerful than you could ever imagine. To sit in silent meditation with the same intention years later and realize you are still on a path to bring love & happiness to the world is pure ecstasy.

The Little Things

Quantum physics, Videos on sound, silent walking meditations, the ocean, “single girl dinner”, Apollo snuggling with his Uncle Doodle this weekend, delicious & authentic Mexican food, my first Hobby Lobby experience (OMG amazing!!), my new A Beautiful Mess book, finishing Crime & Punishment, mom & aunt pam drinking green smoothies (!!), Sarah Jenks 28 day challenge in which mom, aunt pam & I are ALL participating (and I was featured in her first email with one of my smoothie photos!!), new yoga challenges on Instagram, SKYPE, Apollo sleeping under the covers as the weather changes, my upcoming adventures and road trip, teacher training in general, seeing Wicked TOMORROW with my Aunt (!!!), great friends who puppy sit, amazing and beautiful friends in general, mom date this past Tuesday in Cambridge, the many ways I eat veggies, my hair lately, the fact that I wore boots & a light sweater this week (!!), pumpkin spice lattes, new recipes to try on pinterest and the promise of transition & fall.


Here’s to hoping you are finding peace and joy in the seasonal transitions… and continuing to count your blessings every day!

Please leave a comment below with YOUR gratitude list today. I would love to see your LOVE.

Get out there– do yoga & make life sparkle!
Sat Nam,

4 thoughts on “Magical Mondays: Post Yoga Bliss

  1. Sonja Keller

    What a delicious post! My gratitude list for today is: the feel of the warm sun on my skin, the gentle breeze tickling my face, the love and wisdom of my aging dog, having my love home from tour, the cheeky smile of my 4 year old, purple tulips in a vase, time to work, time to contemplate, a time for everything. 

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Oh Sonja! What a wonderful list– especially the image of your cheeky 4 year old 🙂 So glad you’re counting your blessings and honoring your day. <3

      P.s. I LOVE the use of delicious 😉 Thanks for thinking so... great word for me to bring back!

  2. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    Oh love your gratitude list!

    I write mine daily in my journal, so this is a beautiful opportunity to declare my gratitude publicly!

    The cooling weather, long walk in the park with my girls, forgiveness and acceptance, getting support from my tribe, my man & unconditional love, working outside in the backyard, giving myself space around my choices, reconnecting with a gorgeous client…and YOU. Your beautiful post and reminder to be grateful 🙂

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Sabrina!! 🙂 I LOVE my Magical Monday posts– so much gratitude and the idea that when we pause to recognize our blessings, we can always be happy. <3 So glad you had lots of family time in this beautiful fall weather!! Can't wait to hear more of your gratitude lists soon.


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