Magical Mondays: Protection + Love

As I sit here listening to Zyan chat about his day (he’s telling me all about what he did with his grandparents this weekend), I am overcome with an immense amount of love. This past weekend was yet another teacher training and proof that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. Knowing that I leave my son for only one weekend a month with the ones who love him most (while I’m away doing what I love the most) brings an unrivaled joy.

One of my “BHAG’s” (big, hairy, audacious goal) for as long as I can remember was to teach my own teacher training and the joy of actually being here is something I can’t put into words. Leading these trainees and teaching them about a practice I love so much is lifting and lighting my heart on fire. I love the pants off of everyone in the training and am so proud of how far they have come in just two short weekends together! (I know because I’m a mean teacher and they have already had boatloads of homework and two pop quizzes). I am thrilled that I get to create brand new BHAGs with my lululemon ambassador friends in the coming weeks as I have accomplished so many of my dreams this year and I’m ready for my next challenge. I’ve been dreaming and reaching as I step outside of my comfort zone and imagine my future: career, marriage and mamahood.

This weekend a big topic of conversation was the student/teacher relationship and how we can protect ourselves and our energy as teachers. I’ll be writing about this for you soon with a deep look into protection but thought a few quickies might be nice to have on hand.

Ways to protect your energy • black onyx • frankincense • sage • sage spray (or spirit mist) • lavender • a protection spell • malas with grounding stones • shungite • black kyanite • BOUNDARIES.

I’m excited to expand deeper into this conversation with you all, but these are a few quick, sure-fire ways to protect yourself before you step into your roll as a teacher.

Magical Mondays: Protection + Love

The Little Things

Zyan is becoming MUCH more expressive and having frequent conversations with us, watching him play with his toes and as he brings a toy from one hand to the other (oh the joy in watching development!!), my teacher trainees and our weekend together…. just EVERYTHING about it, snowstorms made for cuddling, new recipes and delicious tacos (hello, carne asada!), my new sadhana this month, music class, being with new mom friends outside of group, delicious lattes, having a workout and yoga routine that suits me and fuels my heart, beginning to find a rhythm with our morning routine, crystals, laughter, kidnapping my baby brother for ice cream & car washes (and thanking him for riding with me as I hate them so very much), napping family while mama reads, The Soul of an Octopus, my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift that he is just going to LOVE, Thai massage and restorative yoga surprises, my family for watching Zyan as I play & teach on the mat, #joblove every single day (not to brag too much, but I am LIVING THE DREAM right now being Zyan’s mama & teaching yoga), extra morning snuggles with all the boys in my life, coffee with magical mama friends, expanding our reiki circle reach, discovering new places to eat, adventures to Barnes & Noble and new books on the roster for Zyan and mama, playing in the snow with both my babies and lots of love swirling around the universe.

I sure am one lucky lady and I gladly count my blessings every day. Sending you millions of love lightening bolts today in this snowy storm and hoping you’re counting your blessings as well.

Love you lots

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