Magical Mondays: Refresh!

Good Morning!!!
I feel so renewed and rejuvenated after this past weekend and month. March was hard, and as a true believer in astrology, I honestly believe that I was not alone. I am so ready to take on the world and march straight into April with a new attitude, a better outlook and a whole heck of a lot of fun!
I honestly appreciate Alicia Matthewson for coming out to our benefit up in Falmouth, as well as everyone who came! A special thank you to my friend Lauren who is such a saint for always supporting Journey to Hope & yoga, even if she isn’t “well-versed” in what yoga is yet, she is willing to learn, laugh and have fun!
This week was full of surprises, necessary meltdowns and lots of rest. Sometimes it is necessary to have a slow week, and to re-evaluate your intentions and the moments you are given. A friend of mine recently went to a yoga class and heard the following passage. I believe it is beautiful & essential!
:: “When a caterpillar goes into a cocoon to become a butterfly, it has a literal meltdown. Like, literally melts down, and becomes liquid in the cocoon stage, before it can emerge as a butterfly. So if you are going through changes or transformations, and having a meltdown, remember the caterpillar, and know that this is not only normal, but also necessary, for metamorphosis.” ::
I am blessed for each of these changes and transformations, as this means that Journey to Hope is growing in the most amazing ways!
The little things I was thankful for this week: * Getting back to Cape Cod Center for Women * taking on challenges * chocolate almond butter with green apples * vegan overnight oats for breakfast * phone calls with friends & loved ones * coffee dates * walking the beach at sunset with Apollo & hubby * puppy baths * rest * going out with friends on Friday night * Embargo’s french fries * getting back into the groove with health & food * new yoga music * James Patterson * new inspirations * REIKI * John Carter * surprise lunch dates & much, much more!
The week ahead is full of promise, surprises & Apollo’s last puppy training!!
I hope you all have a Magical Monday!!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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