Magical Mondays: Santosha

Santosha: Acceptance, contentment, satisfaction.

As I write this, its 6:30am and I’m watching Ziggy figure out how to master his Finding Nemo jumper. A few weeks ago he received it as a Christmas gift and he got the whole JUMP aspect down, but wanted nothing to do with the colorful characters that adorn this adorable toy. This past week we watched him as he realized Nemo turns, reached out to touch Sheldon the Seahorse, gazed upon Pearl the Octopus and gave kisses to Mr. Johnson the Flounder & Bruce the Shark. This morning he realized that if he pushes himself hard enough, his seat will turn.

Watching someone develop their small and gross motor skills is something I will always marvel at. As a teacher I used to watch my 3 year olds figure out Montessori work and the moment something clicked my heart would explode with love & pride. Watching Zyan that feeling is 1,000 fold and so beautiful. At 6am when he found his feet, I woke hubby up just to show him!

During yoga teacher training I assigned a sadhana to my students. I told them to think of something we learned throughout the weekend every single day from the moment we left until we reconvened. I felt it was only fair that I joined in this particular homework as I wanted to dig deeper myself and I chose to go through all 8 limbs (choosing one to work on each day) and then work on the chakras. It’s been wonderful and today is santosha. I woke wondering if I wanted to re-learn saucha, I did such great job with cleanliness yesterday that I wanted to re-do the day for fun. But when I saw my son reach for his feet and give me a hug as I placed him into his jumper, I knew santosha was the perfect theme for today.

The Little Things

Date night on Tuesday with kisses & delicious buffalo shrimp, lots of laughter, Netflix, watching Zyan’s rapid development lately, dinner for my little brother’s birthday @ Outback, funny cards (and explaining them at length to my mom), lots and lots of time with my in-laws, being on point with dinners this week (I’m looking at you Carne Asada Tacos & Chicken Curry), Zyan’s first music class and kissing his girlfriend Enza, new oily friends joining the oil lifestyle, creating workshops for this winter & spring, getting all my favorite teachers at the shala, thinking about re-branding, house hunting/dreaming/manifesting, coffee dates with friends & teachers to discuss the beautiful future, loving everything in my closet and creating new outfits with things I already own, mom’s group (always), our new bedding still gives me amazing joy and this week we got even more pillows (!!!!), working on the yamas last week and niyamas this week, a clean fridge, lots of coconut water, delicious smoothies for hubby, FINALLY signing Apollo up for his good canine citizen class, writing, writing, writing (for myself and others), Karthik putting Zyan’s name on my Starbucks cup yesterday, being featured on MassLive, a trip to BJs that was full of laughter, tons of relaxing, movies with my mom & brother on a nice low-key Saturday and cuddling with my boys.

I’m now off to give a private reiki treatment and crystal healing with a pep in my step! I couldn’t be happier on this snowy Monday morning in New England and I’m sending you some of those sunshiney vibes!

Let me know what you’re joyful for in the comments below.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!!

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