Magical Mondays: Spring has Sprung!

Good Morning Beautiful Yogis!!

I can finally feel the heat beginning to return to my bones….and although it is not quite yet “warm” or completely feeling like “spring” yet – I saw a few glimpses this weekend. I was able to run outside in only a light sweater to walk Apollo, my parents yard had crocus leave popping through & the sun was shining in church on Easter Sunday.

This past week was busy & quite entertaining. I went to an amazingly difficult Kundalini class on Tuesday, met with some amazing babes on Wednesday who are pushing Journey to Hope to be right where we need to be, went to a murder mystery dinner with friends & DJed a wedding!

Emily & I taught in Cambridge a few
years ago & I was grateful to DJ her wedding!

I haven’t DJed a wedding in a little while, so it was SUPER fun to hop back into a job I love so dearly by DJing a friends wedding. Emily & I taught together in Cambridge and she was one of the only people I knew when I moved to Cape Cod a few years back. I was super happy to DJ her wedding & am wishing her a lifetime of happiness & love.

As I mentioned, this past week was ALL about entertainment…and my amazing hubby won BEST ACTOR this week at the murder mystery. Journey to Hope’s secretary & my good friend, Jennie Wiley, put on a murder mystery dinner as a fundraiser for the shut in program at the library & the food pantry at Cape Cod Community College.

Karthik & I donned our best 1920’s outfits, read our parts, donated yummy soups for the pantry & nabbed a few friends to join us. We danced into the night, solved a murder (of which my husband was the victim), played poker & laughed until our sides hurt. It was such a blast to go out with another couple and dress up in fun costumes while meeting a few new strangers who quickly turned into friends for the evening. I am super blessed to have a husband who likes to play along as these kinds of events and was happy to help fundraise for these two great programs in the community!

Dancing the night away!

Nadia & I also unexpectedly had Good Friday off from work and as such I was able to sleep in after our night out (what a treat)! It was finally beginning to feel like Spring on Friday, so I decided to do some spring cleaning. Keeping with my theme of kindness and giving (okay fine – that’s everyday – but I have felt especially giving this week!)….I compiled a hug bag of clothes to donate to the local shelter. Karthik will be creating his pile this week. It’s a nice tradition we have as we change seasons and we typically donate clothes 2-3x per year.

Do YOU donate? Clothes? Money? Time?? I would love to know more about your volunteering. As I run a non-profit, I am always fascinated by what causes people donate to and why. I would love to know about YOUR favorite causes in the comments below!

The Little Things

Being re-inspired by some amazing ladies in regards to Journey to Hope, seeing The Ahimsa Project begin to come together, making the final edits and cuts in my video, sending my latest newsletter with my brand new logo, seeing my little cousin for a few minutes on Wednesday night, still being THRILLED when a man asks me if I (a woman) am the DJ for the evening(!!), dancing with my hubby, twirling in my flapper dress, introducing my new flow to the jammin’ class, drinking wine & talking late into the night, spring cleaning, Easter service, dancing in church, walking the beach, my well behaved puppy being approved by my mom, not needing a jacket outside & seeing my family/best friends on Easter Sunday!

This coming week is full of a lot of work related trips, meetings and planning. I am looking forward to being a bit more grounded & bringing my meditation practice with me on the road.

I am wishing you many blessings & much love this week ahead.
Happy Monday!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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