Magical Mondays: The Muffin Man

Okay, okay… so I’m not the muffin man, but perhaps I’m the scone lady?

Yesterday I went up to King Arthur Flour with my parents for a bread 101 baking class and we made three different loaves of bread, alongside scones (hubby’s favorite)! It was such a blast and the best kind of Sunday adventure you could want to have. Although it made me sleepy for my Monday morning, it sure pepped me up in terms of love, knowledge and happiness. I cannot wait to try my hand at scones in my own kitchen!

Baking Bread 101
Baking Bread 101

This past week was a lot of fun mixed with some relaxation (thank goodness)! On New Years Eve we opted for a very relaxing evening at home with our families. First by the fire enjoying a steak dinner with my folks, then off to my in-laws to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year with prayers and love.

The following day we CLEANED. I needed everything to be clean in our house (I even cleaned behind the fridge!), and was so happy for it. It felt like the perfect time to do spring cleaning and clear house. We had junky food and good movies before a long days work on Friday.

ON Saturday morning I taught my first winter SUP lesson in a heated pool!! And visited a private beach up in Gloucester.

I ran into a random man as I was walking toward the beach and he stopped me to say: “If you’re a beach lover, don’t go here… I have a better beach for you.” He then gave me directions to one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in a long time. It was such a treat!

The Little Things

Walking a private beach (alone), SUP in the winter time, new candles and clothes, seeing Hunger Games and other amazing movies this week, downtime, time off, new beginnings and tonight’s beginner series(!!), family time, lots of naps among new pillows and sheets, Apollo snuggles and my husband, always.

Rose Hill Designs - Etsy
Rose Hill Designs – Etsy

May you Monday (and the rest of your week) be blessed by the little things. Remember to count your blessings and perhaps leave them in the comments below!

Get out there, do yoga and make life sparkle!

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