Magical Mondays & The Power of Grapefruit

Good Morning!
As I write to you this morning, I have already watched the sunrise from our bed, wrapped in our (new) comforter – with a green smoothie, my cat & dog (whom are not anywhere near one another….we’re still trying). I’m about to partake in a grapefruit as well, which I swear has magical qualities!!
Over the past few weeks, hubby & I have been working on a secret mission idea. His dental office has an extra room – and we both need an office! This week/end we bought a desk, a chair, a bamboo plant and some folders, to create a new space. My side of our desk will be used for Journey to Hope. I am so blessed to now have some place to write in peace and work on grant writing, blogs, legality, lawyers and other such paperwork. Thanks Hubby!!!
This past week was full of magical adventures! Our board meeting, last Monday afternoon was very successful. We confirmed our July 14th date & location for our major fundraiser: dancing, Nia, food, raffles, silent auction… I hope you’ll join us after a long day on the beach. It will be a blast!!
We received a donation mid-week, and it was a very fun package indeed. My home church and youth group sent Journey to Hope 20 new blocks and 10 new straps. They were packaged individually, so it was a lot of fun for both myself & Apollo to open our gift! We have many mats, but are in dire need of yoga props – many, many thanks to my friends & family back home.
I am also blessed for constructive crictism, which I was blessed to receive on Wednesday from Jill. It is always so wonderful to hear honest feedback after I teach a class. Typically, I only hear this from my mother, so I am thankful for a boss who understands the importance of giving feedback in a genuine way!
The little things I am thankful for this past week: watching the SERIES finale of Nip/Tuck with hubby, Tin Tin, Brazilian BBQ, homemade chicken roll-ups, mom-in-law surprise visits, hubby cooking 2 nights in a row, Indian snacks, our new office, beach walks, green smoothies with kiwi, pats cheerleader try-outs, YOGA surprise meetings, and my new church!
Things I am looking forward to this week: a secret meeting, my little brother coming to visit, Alicia’s CD release party, Apollo’s vet visit (see how much he weighs!), leftovers, date night, spring weather, going to yoga (for myself), and watching the Elmo documentary this week!!
I hope you all have an amazing and blessed Monday!!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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