Magical Mondays – Transitions and NYC!

Hubby & I – NYC

I’m sorry for the delay in posting. This past week was VERY busy and fun. The first bit of news, as I mentioned a few posts ago, is my new job. I went back into sales this past week, and I am very happy with my decision. My former boss told me that he was looking to re-hire for my old position and asked me to considering coming back. I loved my job and the biggest reason I left was due to location. They just moved their offices MUCH closer to our home – so on Thursday I started again.

This means a big transition for Journey to Hope, but a great one at that! All of my volunteers are stepping up their game and together we are creating the best possible organization to serve our community. I am so blessed to have amazing board members to rely on and volunteers who are willing to go above and beyond to serve our wonderful population.

We also have a campaign out! Check us out on indiegogo!
This week was full of Mexican food, NYC lights, rooftop parties and so much adventure. It was also full of blessings. I wasn’t feeling my best in the beginning of the week, and my co-workers lovingly stepped up to help me for a day and a half while I rested and got myself back on my feet!!


Niraj, Ashwin, Bindya, Me, Hubby – Penthouse Rooftop
This past weekend, we got to visit friends from India who were visiting. My husband’s best friends from his days in college over in India. I was very intimidated as one of his best friends is Ms. Chennai – but she and her husband were AMAZING!! As were all of his other friends who were visiting and living in NYC. We have been a few times as a couple, but this was by far my favorite trip. I don’t think I slept more than 7 hours the entire time we were there, but I got to experience and see so much more than we usually do.

Niraj and his favorite married ladies!
I also went to toy stores on Saturday. We ran into FAO Schwarz by accident in the morning, so we went in! Then after our adventure, our friend Niraj asked if I had ever been to the Toys R US in Times Square… needless to say, this was my reaction to walking in. I can’t believe my husband caught this on camera! Haha.

I saw superman…
On Saturday night we decided to celebrate my hubby’s birthday by getting him a big cake while we were out for dinner. We were trying to be sneaky all day, and finally were able to run across the street and find the perfect most delicious cake. He was so surprised!

We went clubbing, saw the toy stores, did a little shopping, ate brunch two beautiful French restaurants, hung with our friends, got dressed up, and had some time to ourselves. It was an amazing and wonderful weekend.

I think one of our highlights was visiting a friend who lives in a penthouse with a private rooftop overlooking all of NYC. You could see the statue of liberty, the world trade center going up, the empire state building, the river…. we were there from dusk until evening and watched the city transform and turn all of her lights on. New York city lights are truly amazing!

When we got back home, we were able to cuddle with our boys, make dinner and relax. My in-laws were house sitting and puppy sitting – they left us a weeks’ worth of India food, a sleepy puppy and a clean house.

I am just about off to teach my last aqua yoga class before heading into work. I hope your day is as magical as ever. Remember, Mondays are a time to reflect on our blessings – not cry that the weekend has ended.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,



P.s. Many people have asked if I’m still teaching – yes! Of course I am. I am now teaching Wednesday full day schedule and in the fall I will be teaching Monday and Friday nights. That just means you need to make it to class to see me more often! See you on your mat. xo

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