Magical Mondays: Troll Love & Yogi Breakthroughs


I’m not sure the word inspired even covers what happened this past weekend at teacher training. As always I left my group with more questions, ideas and information than I believed my mind to take. It’s amazing, I’m more than half way through this 500 hour teacher training and have learned more about myself and yoga in the past 7 months than during any of my other trainings (not to discredit them, they were wonderful) but there is something about this group. We keep pushing each other and asking questions and diving deeper than we could imagine.

I am so inspired by these men and women who are on a similar journey and these weekends just make me want to push past the breaking point. Their questions don’t scare me but rather light me on fire!

This past week has felt just like that. While certain things still remain up in the air, others have fallen and settled. I’m feeling so blessed that every day I roll out of bed and CREATE. I’m also blessed because I recently obtained an accountability partner. I mentioned her briefly in last weeks Magical Mondays, but I am starting to fall head over heels with both her and the idea of an accountability partner. A friend of mine described it as a “Fake Boss” the other day and that is exactly accurate. It’s someone whom I can bounce my ideas off of, who will check in on me and let me know when I need a break or when I need to push further… and I do the same for her. At the moment, I’m going to keep her secret because she has some BIG things planned (and I am her partner in return)… but when she is ready I cannot wait to introduce her to the ahimsa ohmees pack!

Speaking of the yogi pack: THE POWER YOUR SPIRIT CHALLENGE IS AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh you guys if you haven’t signed up, please do so here. You can join in a few days late… just keep following along. We have already had such fun photos, creativity and wonderful people join in the group and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for your participation everyone — keep em’ coming!


The Little Things

Drinking tea and hot chocolate in my office, rearranging my office to create more light & a better overall space, Karthik bringing me flowers in the middle of the day… and then also feeding me when I forget, writing, writing, writing, watching troll documentaries with Krystal & Caleb, having fun sleepovers in Connecticut and learning about historical cannibals, delicious sushi, great friends who encourage and then buy you mac & cheese, observing, I AM, The Overview Effect, my new welcome video (COMING SOON), mermaid pedicures, new clothes, yoga, more yoga and even more YOGA, “letting go of the mirror” and other people’s breakthroughs, connecting with like-minded women, hanging out with everyone’s puppies (Bebe, Baku & Moses), guest posts, creating, playing & snuggling.

This week was full of beautiful work and LOTS of writing…. I cannot wait to begin to share more with you soon!

Gratitude Prompt: In the comments below, leave a comment on the last time you saw a way that we are ALL connected…. or a moment of compassion you watched!

Sending you love & gratitude!

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