Magical Mondays: Truly Blessed

Today marks one week since the Boston Marathon bombing. As I posted last week within Magical Mondays, it was mere hours before the attack. I relearned that our world can change in an instant – so I urge you to hold your loved ones close, create gratitude lists & have a hell of a lot of fun on this ride called life.

We are given a specific amount of opportunities: take them and savor each moment. Live with a joyful heart, an open mind and healing hands. May we all be blessed with peace.


Throughout the week I was blessed with many glimpses of HOPE. The reason I began Journey to Hope was to serve and to cling to the one word that keeps us going: HOPE. The name of our organization was intentional. We should never give up hope as it is a full journey – keep hoping and keep helping and serving as often as you are able!

My glimpses were mostly through yoga and family. On Monday evening, I was a substitute teacher for class and literally gave everything I had within me. I gave hope, love, joy, and a healing hand & heart. I came home completely wiped and cuddled with my boys giving the tiny snippets I had left.

Tuesday brought tears, and I took a Kundalini class where I sat and cried for 45 minutes until I could feel myself fill back up with a healing energy – ready to serve others once more.


Wednesday brought breath & cuddling, Thursday brought more Kundalini. & more cuddling. Friday brought terror.


I watched our world unfold as we closed down the city I love to find someone who caused such hate and terror.


I brought love instead. I taught a jammin’ yoga class. I held my cousin close as she visited for the weekend. Together we held on tight as the week had hit FAR too close to home for her.


I was grateful to have her here this weekend. I was grateful to give her love. I was super, super grateful to have a week full of yoga that ended with TWO amazing yoga photo shoots with my favorite yogi photographer. I AM beyond grateful for how my weekend ended: resting, beaching, planning & writing.


Although my week was rot with terror and dismay, I kept HOPE, PEACE & LOVE alive. I counted my blessings & most of all, I held my family close.


This week, I have many blessings to look forward to. I am counting each one because we never know how quickly our world can change.

Let’s change our view on Mondays – let’s get rid of its bad reputation and call it magical for it is a time to count your blessings!



                                             The Little Things

Snuggling all week, great news yesterday, beach walks with Apollo, crying & receiving, giving everything I can to my students, seeing my yogi friends, eating yummy brussel sprouts with hubby, good television, laughing with Heather, photo shoots with Kadri, matching outfits, emotional shopping resulting in new beautiful spring things, smoothies for breakfast AND lunch, my husband telling me I am “a heart with limbs” and new smoothie recipes.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!



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