Magical Mondays: We are “famous”

This Monday is so magical, that the post is a little bit later than usual!
Our benefit class this past Friday @ Glow Studios raised almost $200!!! We are well on our way to our 501(c)3 status because of the last and final payment we made to the lawyers – as well as on our way to t-shirts for Journey to Hope (and our design logo). Thank you all so much. Your support means so much to me as we are growing. Everything helps!!
Also, we were in the newspaper this week! I will attach the permanent link to our testimonials section, but here it is to view now: click here!
This past week was a ton of fun. Hubby proposed exactly a year ago last week, so we went to Inaho to celebrate – and ate WAY TOO MUCH sushi & Japanese food. It was delicious!! We discovered a new market, found out Apollo weighs 21 lbs. (big boy!), and made plenty of time to walk on the beach.
I have been rearranging my schedule for the summertime and will be so excited to have all of you join me in our for, and non-profit classes coming up soon! Journey to Hope will be expanding after June 2nd, so if you know anyone who is interested in volunteering, let them know about our training!!
The little thing this week: finding two new markets, chocolate PB locally (not almond, but still delicious), Apollo’s vet visit, our benefit class, Donna De Lory’s music, trying out TRAPEZE, imax theaters with our whole family, ice cream, homemade spicy chicken, cuddling, wrath of the titans, muppets, flowers from hubby that lasted ALL week, Lush products, healthy eating, taking a break from healthy eating, Indian Food & family!
I hope you had a wonderful week as well. Remember to always count your blessings!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!
Eating sushi @ Inaho
Homemade spicy chicken!

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