Magical Monday’s: We went to NYC!

My oh my! Traveling with a baby is so much fun. A little bit stressful at times, but not too bad. Zyan loved traveling to NYC and NJ for his very first visit and as if we didn’t already know how wonderful he was, he proved it 1,000x over. Driving in the car was a breeze for us all (he slept most of both ways and we only pulled over a handful of times to eat). Going into the city wasn’t bad in our uberĀ and this kid did an amazing job at both dinner and brunch. My mother in law was amazing as always & let hubby, SIL and I party on New Years while she kissed Zyan at midnight as well as being his backseat companion. Apollo rung in the New Year with his puppy cousin Duncan and was treated with a million kisses and treats. What a happy way to start off 2016.



This week I’m celebrating so very much!! The highly anticipated first weekend of teacher training is finally here!!! I’m spending much of the week preparing by making baby food for Zyan, editing the last bits of curriculum & finalizing my outline. It’s already been an incredible journey just getting to this point alone and I am thrilled to finally begin.

The Little Things

Creating baby food, blog post ideas coming in waves (and my editorial calendar being created alongside), finalizing curriculum, re-reading my favorite yoga books, finally feeling more balanced, diffusing frankincense to bless ourselves & our home, covering Ziggy and I in coconut oil, deliciously planned meals, getting back on my fitness schedule, a fresh mani/pedi, delicious lattes, finally back in the Yelp swing of things, new passwords for new mantras, brand new bedding, new winter coat, all my Christmas goodies (including amazingly beautiful peridot earrings to represent hubby & baby, born in the same month), Lululemon Lynnfield asking me to be a part of their product feature email, seeing the Christmas tree in NYC (and the light show at Saks 5th), celebrating Sitara’s birthday all weekend long, being in charge of party decorations and matching my dress to the theme, creating an epic drink that everyone finished before the party even began, being in Manhattan for the first time in years, seeing all our NY friends, snuggling, getting a humidifier, new wrapping paper for next year, clothes from Garage, Zyan’s new Sophie (and finding his monkey we left at Aunt Cindy’s), Apollo playing with The Lanes for 4 days and apparently being spoiled rotten, lots of laughter, Ziggy’s new dino hat, planning goals and crushing them already, eating clean and feeling good.

Magical Mondays: NYC

Celebrating the little things in life is a MUST! I celebrate each moment of each day as I capture Zyan’s growing moments and Apollo’s smiles. I count my blessings as I look into my hubby’s eyes and feel every ounce of love. I am running out of fingers and toes and promise to never, ever stop counting my blessings.

What are you grateful for? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below the top 5 things you’re grateful for this week.

Sending you oodles of magic & love,

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