Magical Mondays: Wisdom Addition

 Today I am writing to you from bed! I took the entire day off to be with my little brother. Hubby pulled his wisdom teeth out at 7am and we have watched Ice Age, made smoothies, slept & made some very yummy monkey bread!

There are so many things for me to be thankful of this week! Firstly, my puppy, Apollo! He is such a well-behaved, beautiful puppy! He is playful, social and LOVES to cuddle. This week alone: we went to a coffee shop, the pet store, to visit my in-laws, my dad came to visit, Lauren came, we visited hubby’s office, he went swimming at the beach, Apollo met his girlfriend Kenya and his cousin Cooper and we had a lot of fun parties and family members to meet!
It was a very social week and I couldn’t have been any more thrilled!! I am exhausted from just watching him play and sleep. He is so beautiful that I can’t keep my eyes off of him. But it is worth it – and now that we are figuring our a routine together – I can finally get back to yoga and the gym…and making smoothies (of which Apollo is NOT a big fan…vitamix = scary)!
This week ahead is not quite as social, but as it’s school vacation for Massachusetts, there are some schedule changes in my week – which is nice. It helps to keep things varied and interesting!
Journey to Hope’s teacher training is coming up – so PLEASE check out the training section. We are so pleased to announce that Leigh Alberti, our newest board member and very dear friend, is going to be assistant teaching the teacher training!!

We also made the announcement, via facebook, that Jessica Avitable will be joining us for Nia Dance at our July 14th major summer fundraiser!! Keep that date locked into your planners, as it is going to be such a huge and wonderful day.

Well, I am off to watch Digger and Apollo try to figure out how to get along, make my doodle another smoothie and do some home practice yoga!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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