Magical Mondays

Yesterday my hubby was finishing dinner after our amazing weekend and leaned over to me and said “I’m so sad it’s over we had so much fun!” I looked back at him and said, “Yes, but aren’t you so glad it happened?” 🙂
That’s how I feel almost every Monday. Not necessarily sad the weekend is over but excited that it happened and equally as excited to count my blessing each Magical Monday. (Having great co-workers doesn’t hurt to ease the Monday “pain” either!)
This past week was crazy wonderful. We had some weird work schedules, I saw a lot of my in-laws and ate delicious food. Hubby & I received loads of good news and we finally got my wrist looked at. I had x-rays and this week I am being electrocuted (over exaggerating, but I’m getting a nerve test done) to see what’s going on. I’m not healed, but at least they are now looking into additional possibilities!
This weekend was full of meeting new friends, celebrating our newlywed friends marriage and dressing up in traditional Indian clothing!! What a whirlwind of a weekend!
With our favorite newlyweds!!

Anisha & I went to the salon ALL DAY on Saturday. We had brunch with our husbands and then skipped down the street in the light flurries to our hair and nail appointments where we proceeded to spend the next 3 hours sitting in comfy chairs and getting pampered! (Ohhhh la la). I got a new haircut and the nice young man who did my nails INDIVIDUALLY PLACED GLITTER on my toes and fingernails. I was in heaven. So much glitter and it all matched my sari perfectly.
My best friend. 🙂 Love him so much!
We then got ready & ordered yummy Indian food before the guests arrived. We ate delicious food (I usually eat with my fingers as per the tradition and was totally called out for it – apparently people aren’t used to seeing a little white girl eat biryani with her hands!). We danced the night away, ate cake and celebrated Niraj & Anisha’s wedding in only the way young couples can. We ALL wore traditional Indian clothing and laughed late into the evening.
The next day we awoke to a delicious brunch next door and with the effort of 6 people, a clean apartment for our friends before we left for home. We picked up our boy, ate more food & snuggled all night long.
Toasting the beautiful bride, Anisha!
I am so grateful for all our friends & family, and so happy to know Niraj’s new bride (and love her tons and tons!!) The week was also full of beautiful little blessings, as always! Keep your eyes open for them as they are always there for you.
My favorite picture! New friends: Susie & Mike!
The Little Things
My teacher training weekend (this coming weekend!!), Heart of Yoga, salon day, crazy friday work schedule, musical sing-a-longs, revisiting Wicked & all it’s glory, showing hubby “my skills” while singing said Broadway musicals for 5 hours, traditional Indian clothes, eating with my fingers, selling the first 5 Leap of Faith Kits, getting the first video preview for The Ahimsa Project, Kris Carr, Marie Forleo & Gabby Bernstein (as constant inspiration), amazing horoscopes, great co-workers, finally feeling amazing in my “style”, my new WHITE leather jacket, long necklaces, planning fabulous trips to Paris, individualized glittery mani/pedis, beach walks, collecting sand dollars, Apollo spending tons of time with his grandparents, Digger cuddle time, laughing until it hurts & being grateful, always.
I hope you are counting your blessings. Know YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVE.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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  1. ashley.e

    I know this is an entire week late, but I dedicated my intention to you during my practice on Wednesday. So many exciting things coming up for you!


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