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This year Christmas was quite strange for me in many ways. It was my first time as a momma during the holidays and when people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas I kept telling them things I wanted for Ziggy: that cute Aden & Anais blanket he likes in a new color, a bouncy seat and much more. I was always able to come up with things for myself but it felt so forced as I didn’t want for anything this year. One of the things I wanted the most was a teething necklace. I felt as though it was a gift for me, but mostly for Zyan. A necklace he can chew on with those chubby drool covered fingers was exactly what I needed!

My mom and I did a quick search on Amazon and I found the perfect necklace. It looked like a set of my yoga mala beads and when I received them on Christmas I was thrilled! He didn’t chew them frequently, but it was nice to have a set he could chew on if need be.

Fast forward a month or so and my little teether was chewing up a storm on these soft beads. They are BPA free and the perfect size to fit in his mouth. As I wear them around my neck I don’t have any fear of them being a chocking hazard because I’m always there while he’s gnawing away and can keep an eye on him. I started wearing them almost every day and he loved it! Now I only change into my real malas when I’m about to teach class.

Mama and Little: A Giveaway!

After a while though, I got bored. Only one set is definitely not enough and many of the moms at my new momma’s group were asking me about them! I found out the name of the company, Mama and Little, and decided to hunt around. Once I connected with Arlene I knew I was in the right place for what I wanted: safe, stylish teething beads. The idea of teething beads is quite appealing but so many of them are chunky stars that look like a pre-schooler made them. Being a mom is great, but wearing “mom jewelry” just isn’t my style and I needed something I could wear that was smaller and much more modern hippie-esque.

Arlene sent me over the Lexi Silicone Teething Necklace in Pebble and Sweet Mint with a matching Linda Silicone Teething Bracelet in Sweet Mint. I love them and have been wearing them just as frequently as my Zooey Silicone Teething Necklace in Marsala. They all have the boho feel I aspire to wear when I step outside with Zyan or arrive to teach my classes at night. What I like the most is that the beads are smaller and have a fashionable appeal. They actually look like a necklace I would buy as opposed to something Zyan made for me.

Mama and Little: A Giveaway!The silicone is the same texture and feel as his beloved Sophie the giraffe. If anyone is a mama to a teething baby, you know how much they all love that little Sophie and my son is no exception. Something about this soft plastic is just perfect for their mouths when they are trying to get teeth to pop through and anything I can do to alleviate a little pain for my baby is an A+ in my book!

Because I love Mama and Little so much, I’m doing a $50 giveaway with them today! The rules are quite simple: follow both Mama and Little and Jenny Ravikumar Yoga on Instagram and Facebook today and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Mama and Little to get your hands on one of her beloved necklaces or bracelets for your own little.

Mama and Little: Instagram and Facebook
Jenny Ravikumar Yoga: Instagram and Facebook

Enter to win before Sunday night at midnight. Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Lots of love to you yogis
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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