March Month End Review: Spring has Sprung!

What an amazing (and yet chilly) month we have had! This past weekend was the first time I actually felt spring beginning to creep back into my bones. I felt the chill begin to disappear and am once again hopeful for new life and new beginnings.

I love taking a look at the month behind me to re-count some of the amazing blessings & gifts I have been given in life. This month the theme was definitely entertainment! Hubby & I bounced all over the place celebrating life with some great friends and traveling far & wide to see the ones we love.


Not to sound like an old lady, but I don’t go out quite as frequently as I used to. Something happens after you turn 25 and staying up all night drinking just doesn’t sound like much fun anymore. This month, however I had the opportunity to stay up past my bedtime a few times and it was a nice treat as it’s something I very rarely do!

My friend Lauren turned 25 at the begininng of this month and hubby & I went out to celebrate with some friends. Two of my friends got married this month & I was able to DJ one of those weddings and attend a beautiful Indian wedding reception for the other.

Niraj & Anisha held a birthday party/wedding reception in their beautiful home, overlooking NYC. Everyone had the opportunity to wear traditional Indian clothing and I ate with my fingers (as per usual) while shocking some of the guests! It was such a blast to celebrate our friends new marriage and we are so happy for them: wishing them a lifetime of love & happiness!!

Hubby & I also went to a Murder Mystery Dinner as a fundraiser for the local community college & Cotuit Library!. He won best actor & we had a blast in our 1920’s costumes. We have also been on a few fun dates: brunch, dinners, OZ The Great & Powerful as well as a huge personal accomplishment for my hubby over this month. Marrying my hubby was quite possibly the best thing I have ever done – I love him so much!

I also got an opportunity to see an old friend after almost 6 years whilst in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. I was there for my teacher training, and staying with my younger brother. On the way home from my weekend away, I got a chance to catch up with my friend Leisl over cupcakes & a fruit plate – yummy!!


Yoga is a constant theme in my life, but this month it was very prevelant. I finally feel in my groove with my practice, work and my free time. I meditate everyday (even when traveling), and try to be on my mat as often as I am able. Within my yoga teacher training, we are going to begin Yoga Sadhana which will help us to begin the practice of practicing everyday. I am so excited to begin that journey. I think about yoga every single day, and I try to live a yogic lifestyle – but will be excited to begin my daily practice with the help of my peers.

My 500 hour teacher training is off to a fantastic start! I am so blessed to be with a wonderful group of yogis on this path and know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment. I feel blessed, reinvigorated in regards to Journey to Hope & ready to begin The Ahimsa Project.

I began to realize that this quote rings so true: “when the teacher is ready, the students will come.” While I had and have an amazing group of students, I finally feel ready to spread the word of yoga & joy even further and know my students have begin to come. It is such a gift and a blessing I will never take advantage of – I am so grateful for each of you.


I am a nerd. I say this often and sometimes I am not always sure you believe me, but I am a HUGE NERD! I love reading & watching inspiring videos. I love foreign films with subtitles & attending fundraising events with people three times my age. I sign up for programs in buisness, yoga & teaching. I love learning!

This month, I was inspired by quite a few books: Heart of Yoga, Prakriti, Spirit Junkie & Crazy Sexy Kitchen (loving Kris Carr’s philosophy)! For extra fun, I have begun listening to a Stephen King novel on audio. Hubby popped it in on our way to NYC & I am now realizing it’s the best way to add in additional knowledge or entertainment while driving!

I was also inspired by a few videos. Specifically, I was inspired by Same Love — Mackelmore. Many of my friends are hearing life altering decisions made by the supreme court and this song is an inspiration to not only me as an ally but also my friends & their families.

What I wrote

This month I began my new weekly series: Nama Say Wednesday, where I answer any questions yogis may have. I wrote about the Charka’s in Part One & Part Two. As well as talking about what a Vinyasa really is!

I also took a look into my daily smoothie routine – as well as began to talk about my Leap of Faith Kits. Have you thought about buying one yet?? It’s a great start to your yoga practice & meditation as well as the perfect accompaniment to The Ahimsa Project.


This past month was full of friends, love, entertainment, new inspirations and a lot of learning. I feel so blessed to be where I am in this moment and am ever grateful for my friends, family, co-workers & yogi peers.

I am sending you all major love & blessings.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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