Mastermind Of The Heart

A 12-week circle to connect to women who want to be in held + seen in community; a coven of love + support.

For aspiring witches. For women who roar. For women who see the light and want to create more. For the woo curious. For the woo serious. For those seeking. For those questioning. For those wondering what’s next. For those who are ready to leap into the next chapter with love & abandon & joy & uncertainty. 

This heart centered circle is an online group for those identifying as women or aligned with feminine energy. We will meet for 12 weeks from Imbolc (February 1st) to just before Beltane (May 1st). 

As a healer, I spent time this past year exploring what it meant to be held in a container of women. While I stepped back into the role of being a student and a participant, my entire world changed. My income was more than triple what I have ever made, I released some major trauma blocks I have been holding onto deeply and I remembered what it was like to laugh, cry and let go in a group of women who FULLY saw me for who I was. We sat together as we all healed our mother wounds, our past trauma with relationships and spent time listening to and fully seeing one another.

THAT is what I want to bring to you. A community where it feels safe and brave to shed your skin; to become the Phoenix you’ve been waiting to become. To let the pot boil over with love or joy or trauma and to know you will be HELD, HEARD + LOVED by a group of women who are as deeply passionate about circle work and healing as you are.

As someone who has lost herself over and over; being seen was the most transformational experience. Emotional abuse, alongside losing my brick + mortar yoga studio helped to create adversity within me as I continued to march forward in life. I could survive anything! But without my reconnection to the feminine; without the reminder to the softer side of life, I often felt lost and adrift. Reconnecting with the grounded, loving nature of the feminine alongside a group of women helped to reawaken my soul in ways I never knew I needed.

It’s time for YOU to dive deeply as well.
It’s time to explore the mastermind of your own heart.

To join a coven of women who support you and love you. To join with the sisters you’ve been craving. To be with people who see you with the crystals in your bra, the heart on your sleeve and the beautiful mix of emotions we feel at any given time. To be with the women who bleed from themselves alongside those who no longer bleed but send that same energy to the world to nurture and love.

It’s time you connected with a community who fully, truly understand your heart.

Each week we will explore a new topic; diving deep into ourselves and our healing. We will explore who we are, who we have become and who is yet to be. Each week will bring journaling, light movement, chanting and time in circle. Expect kundalini meditations weekly.

This course will also include videos and powerpoint presentations each week. These will correlate with the weeks topic and for those who are more visual learners it’s an opportunity to reconnect with the content in another manner. 

You belong if you think you belong; or if you want to be here.

Thursday evenings 8pm EST OR
Thursday mornings 9am EST

90 Minute sessions.

Starting February 3rd.

Recorded. Please pick ONE group to be a part of. If one week you need to miss a class, you can attend the other class if I have knowledge prior. 

$1500 payment plan

$999 one time fee

If choosing the payment plan; $250 deposit to @jennylaneyoga to save your spot via Venmo. Payment plans are flexible. So long as the total balance is paid by May 1st, 2022.

Retreat in the fall of 2022 will offer a Heart Mastermind discount. Retreat to be held at Sky Meadow Retreat Center in Vermont at the beginning October; pandemic pending. But the intention is to be in physical space together by the fall!


Week 1 – Diving into Imbolc & the celebration of the Goddess Brigid. These celebrations explore the home (Hygge) and the slightest return of light as we walk towards the equinox. Exploring the wisdom of the crone energy. New moon circle. 

Week 2 – Sharing how we feel about the healing/wellness industry. Where do we need to improve as healers, wellness consultants etc. Journaling to reflect how we can work together to improve 

Week 3 – Deep dive into what it is we are holding onto too tightly. Full moon circle; releasing what no longer serves us. Meditations include the addiction meditation + a practice to share what/who we are clinging to + how letting go may serve us best.

Week 4 – Who + what has hurt your heart. This week will be an extension of week three, but we will dive even deeper into sharing and connect on the things we did to let go the week prior. Includes a group cord cutting session to loosen the cords we grasp.

Week 5 – Reconnection to self. Have you lost your practice? Are you experiencing burn out? Let’s reconnect you to you. New Moon circle to reconnect to self. Kundalini meditations to reflect clarity + reconnection to the soul.

Week 6 – Connecting to self by asking questions on the mother wound, as well as where we are on the cycle of womanhood (youth, maiden, mother, crone). How can we mother ourselves or ask others to help mother us? 

Week 7 – Full moon circle. Shadow side. Where are your beautiful shadows? How are you showing up in the world? Is it pure love & light or are you being authentic in your truth by also sharing moments of shadow? 

Week 8 – Walking forward towards the sun. Spring equinox celebration! Reconnecting to the seeds we want to plant for a future that includes less burn out & yet reaching more individuals than ever before. 

Week 9 – The awakening; diving into what we share as teachers and leaders. Even if you’re not a leader; how can YOU share in your community? Brainstorming as a collective how we can improve our offerings. Everyone will share their offerings and we will then give feedback with kind, loving suggestions. As optional (VERY encouraged) homework; share each other’s offerings. 

Week 10 – Planting our seeds. What has yet to be planted? Each of you will receive seeds to be planted but literally and figuratively. We will plant together & create intentions for the visions we wish to see in 2022 & the years ahead. 

Week 11 – Holy Week. Who was Mary and Mary Magdalene? What role do they play in the story of Christianity and the larger role? How has their image shaped the image we see of women now within the patriarchy and in the past? We will talk archetypes, suffering & our personal views on how religion shaped us (exploring ALL personal experiences but negative & positive alike) 

Week 12 – Continuing our exploration of archetypes. Who is yours and what did you discover? How can this discovery help you to better create or serve? How can this discovery unveil new insight into the offerings you bring into the world?

The last week will also include a celebration! Beltane is a time that translates to mean “bright fire” and as such we will come together to celebrate in circle with fire. Each of us will burn our intentions for the season and year ahead. This is a time to celebrate fertility and the return of spring in ALL its glory!