Moon Energy and A Feel Better Smoothie

This weekend I taught my teacher trainees about sequencing and we held a lot of love and space for one another as we discussed intentions and manifestations. The week prior was full of a few shit sandwiches. Excuse my language, but it wasn’t just myself experiencing the icky vibes from around the universe. It seemed that most of us in training had experienced a lot of energetic shifts as we began to release things that no longer served us. I let go of a lot in my personal life, things that had been cluttering my heart and mind for some time now and I stepped forward towards something new. As I’ve been reading and discussing with friend and colleagues, it’s all due to the intense moon energy we have had this month.

On March 9th we experienced a new moon and alongside it, a solar eclipse. This energy brought up a host of intense and crazy emotions. While the new moon usually asks us to set intentions, this particular new moon asked us to re-evaluate and set intentions in a new way. It brought up a lot of stuff we no longer needed and churned our emotions while asking us if what we have in our life is what we really want to keep. This week the full moon is on March 23rd and it coincides with a lunar eclipse. I hate to break it to you yogis, but this means even more crazy energy. The upside to all of this is that the universe is asking us to set our intentions with a fresh mindset. When we declutter and release, we are able to make space for so much more goodness and love.

For myself, this means I am re-setting intentions for the years ahead. Barefoot is booming and beautiful and it’s time for me to look at our goals for the years ahead. Where do I want the studio to go? How can I change workshops, retreats and trainings to further education and community? In my personal life it is looking at where we want to settle as a family now that Zyan has come into our pack.

A lot has shifted in the last two weeks and while I always preach self-love and care, I let that slide during the chaos. I went to yoga once as a student in the last two weeks and my body, soul and mind definitely felt it. While I am grateful to have gotten on the mat at all, it was a lesson to listen to myself more often. Yesterday as the world experienced balance with the spring equinox, mine was knocked off kilter. I got quite sick and finally caught the cold my son has been passing along to our entire family. So sick in fact, that I am rescheduling my annual Spring Equinox workshop. This is not typical for me at all , but I recognize that I need rest and love. It’s time for me to surrender and reconnect while I set goals and take naps all day with Ziggy.

To boost my immune system I decided to create a few concoctions using my favorite Young Living Oil: Thieves. Thieves is great for boosting the immune system and was actually names for the four thieves who stole items off of victims of the plague. Instead of being arrested, the government asked them why they were not getting ill and they gave the recipe for this exact oil. I have been diffusing it all weekend and now am drinking it all in before we nap!

Coconut Cinnamon Coffee

Coconut milk
Coconut sugar
3 Drops of Thieves Oil

Feel Better Smoothie

Coconut Cinnamon Coffee Recipe (not heated)
Ice cubes
1 Tbsp. Almond Butter

Viola! Blend together and enjoy either of these delicious recipes.

Take some time today to BREATHE. Reset your intentions for not only the lunar cycle ahead, but for potentially the years ahead. It is the ideal time to make space for the miracle that is just around the corner. Trust your intuition and listen to your body whenever she speaks to you. As I’m re-learning today, it is vital to listen to and honor your body.

Sending you oodles of love, soul warriors!

 P.s. If you’re interested in learning more about oils or purchasing them, I am an essential oil enthusiast and can give you lots of information!! #3176486

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