Motivation: Where do you find it?

This past week, I was in a bit of a funk. I couldn’t motivate myself to do much of anything. I had ideas, thoughts, to do lists and just zero motivation. But, I kept on trucking. I kept on moving along and working as hard as I could – even though I didn’t “feel like it.” Then, I read an interview on Danielle Steele and Marie Forleo’s video on motivation. Both mediums got me thinking about my own motivation and how I handle my work load. As Journey to Hope has little to no money (yet!), there are days when work can be a challenge. I have decided that I need a slight chance in my style. 
* I need to write. Everyday.
* I need to put aside a chunk of time each day to work on grant writing – even if I don’t “feel” like it.
* I need to create more social appointments. Many of my friends are on the same path. By uniting with them, I am able to open new ways of thinking.
* I need to write down everything in my filofax and check it – everyday! Memorization is great, but even a casual coffee date is important. Triple check.
* Get out there & do things! Life is full of adventure and experience. By taking a new class, a walk on the beach or lunch with friends – I am open to all kinds of new experiences, insight & motivation. 
Are you have trouble feel motivated? Are you stuck? Do you need a plan?
We are all “stuck” at one point or another. A terrible break-up, a bad day at work (or a bad work environment in general), a rainy day, a lazy day or just a bad hair day! There are so many things which keep us stuck, but there are also so many things we can do to feel movement and freedom again.
Living on Cape Cod, I am very fortunate that hubby, Apollo & I can walk to the beach whenever we want. If you live here – take advantage! DO NOT be one of those people who lives near a beach and never makes time for it. Live life! We have so much beauty around us – we just need to make time for it. Click here to read a recent article that came out about this! It is worth every moment of your time & so powerful.
By slowing down and appreciating what we already have – we can begin to move. By attending a yoga class, or another form of physical movement – we begin to move. By actively participating in our lives – we begin to move.
Negative thinking, sitting on the couch, drinking and watching TV – are all great ways to stay numb and stuck. Positive thinking, moving, breath, love, and truly living each moment are all great ways to find motivation, movement and freedom.
Find your motivation today!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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