My Current Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser Combos

As most of you know I have become more and more obsessive with essential oils in the last few months. They serve so much purpose in my life and I use them across a broad spectrum. We have a medicine cabinet full of “homemade vicks vapor rub” and “hubby’s back oil” as well as “mommy’s meditation spray.” My crystals are doused with a loving spray of their own when I need to cleanse them and the new or full moon just seem too far away. The Young Living home and bath products have slowly started transitioning into our lives as well. And when it comes to our diffuser, that is on every morning and each night! I couldn’t live without essential oils in my life at this point.

Lately I have been trying to get into more of a routine with Zyan at night. Our morning routine seems just fine and has been created by my son. I’ve followed his lead and am now able to accomplish so much and sneak in extra cuddles, laughs and breakfast as well as our morning care (vitamins, smoothies and more). For the morning, I don’t have a routine on which essential oils I like to use. Instead I switch it up often!!

With the weather becoming warmer recently, I am craving light and airy scents. I placed Lemon and Joy in the diffuser the other day and truly enjoyed the sweet, crisp scent with a hint of citrus. It made me feel like springtime and had me opening the windows after our walk to the coffee shop mid-morning.

Another favorite of mine these last few months has been Northern Lights Black Spruce and Thieves. The combo is very similar to what you’d get by combining cinnamon and pine together. It’s woodsy and masculine without being pungent. It smells like you’re walking in the woods on a foggy morning hike or stroll and is perfect for an afternoon pick me up. I often use this when we go to events for Barefoot and everyone always comments on how much they love the scent!

Young Living Diffuser Recipes #3176486

During Valentine’s Day I did an event for Lululemon Lynnfield called “Love Potion #9” and I made love mist for guests who walked into the store. The mixture was lavender and ylang ylang in a spray bottle you could use in your bedroom. I kept telling everyone that Ylang Ylang is good for the libido and people would blush! But how many ways can you reframe something without saying “this is great for your sex life” out loud. It was hysterical to see folks reactions when I said it aloud and even funnier when they asked what the Orange was for in the diffuser. In all seriousness and to expand into that idea, orange and ylang ylang are great for your libido but also have many other intentions and uses. They are both great for activating your sacral chakra. Your reproductive organs are located in the swadisthana chakra and this represents not only the fertility of children, but also new ideas and beginnings. Orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood, lemon and grapefruit are great for the sacral chakra and when I’m writing I tend to have at least one in my diffuser! As a creator I love having some of those scents on hand whether I’m writing an article or creating a sequence.

My absolute favorite lately however, is our “nighttime blend.” It consists of Release and Lavender. Release is one of my favorite Young Living essential oils. “Release™ combines uplifting, calming essential oils that stimulate a sense of peace and emotional well-being, which in turn facilitate the ability to release anger and frustration. Repressed negative emotions lie at the root of many health concerns. Release promotes harmony and balance in the mind and body.” At the end of my day I am able to let go of any lingering reactions, negative emotions and frustration. My husband works a stressful job and this blend works wonders for his state of mind. As an energy worker I am always mindful of not collecting others negativity and try to let go of all unneeded emotion at the end of the day. Combined with the lavender, it makes the perfect bedtime blend for our home.

Young Living Diffuser Recipes #3176486The great thing about using our essential oils in the diffuser is that there are so many OMazing combinations. Frankincense is great for blessings, good energy and meditation. Lavender works wonders for grounding. Stress Away and Peace and Calming are the exact blend of ingredients you need for letting go and allowing your heart to melt into love and peacefulness. All of the scents are powerful when inhaled and our diffuser is always running in order to help us energize, relax, heal and ground.

I would love to hear your favorite recipes as well! Feel free to leave your favorite blends in the comments below.

Lots of love and light

If you’re interested in using Young Living Essential Oils please let me know. I am an essential oil enthusiast! #3176486

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