My Most Pinned Pins!

I keep receiving emails about my most pinned pin and I had a momentary thought… perhaps I should show YOU my most pinned pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform I adore and don’t use quite as often as I should. In fact it’s one of my yearly goals to do something on pinterest once a month. It could be a craft project, a wedding related activity for my best friends wedding this summer, a new recipe or a fun date activity I found! I decided that instead of just pinning and leaving, I would pin with purpose.

Without further ado, here are my top pins:


A beautiful & fun Rumi quote has been one of the favorites on my boards. A pin that’s not a part of my blog, but a favorite nonetheless!


This pin is an image I found a while back and included in the blog post Mantra of Opposites. Have a look!


One of my most beloved posts and pins: 4 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies!


As many of you know I have a minor obsession with octopi in general. While I was originally researching my second tattoo, this was a contender. I loved the idea, the placement and the scale. Ultimately I decided something that big wasn’t meant to be on my body, but I love this image!


This image accompanies my absolute favorite post from last year. It was the post about my tattoo and its meaning. I found it on this young man’s Flickr account and reached out to him to let him know I found it and wanted to use it. It’s been my top pinned pin on pinterest for over a year with more than 250 re-pins! I love this image, and my article Religion, Love and Isvara Pranidhana.

I would love to connect with you on Pinterest. Follow me @jennyravikumar and I will gladly stop by to check out your page as well!

Looking forward to pinning with you!!



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