My New Relationship With Energy Healing

I am very fortunate to have some amazing friends in similar fields to that of my own. Friends who teach yoga, practice energy healing, experiment and keep with certain lifestyle diets, and much more!

A few years ago, had you asked me if I would like to try Reiki, I would have been very skeptical. I would have been open minded enough to try it, but not necessarily see any of the benefits – or else would be trying REALLY hard to see the pros and non of the cons. Now I have friends who are learning the art of Reiki, teach Hypno-Meditation and participate in healing drum ceremonies.

I am still wrapping my head around the idea of energy healing. I strongly believe that there is energy in the universe. A certain member in my family claims he doesn’t believe in God, or the “creation” of the universe, but our first burst of energy came from somewhere… we just aren’t sure where. As Thor says in the movie: “What your people call science, mine call magic.” There are so many names and ideas and concepts – which is to say one is right and one is wrong when they all fall into a similar path?

My point in all of this is that I have tried Reiki, a drum circle, Tong Ren, Chakra healings and a hypno-meditation over the past few months and I am still unsure of how I feel about them. I wish my reaction had been immediate, this works or this doesn’t work. Because I am a believer in trying things three times before I decided whether or not I like it, I am still very unsure of my feelings.

This is a similar path to my own yoga practice. When I first started yoga, I went into an old dance studio with my mom and a bunch of women and men who were all mid-50s or older. The instructor came in and played “yoga” music, spoke in a soft voice, had beautiful long blonde locks and tight, tight, tight pants. I was a senior in college, with a few extra pounds on my body due to college and winter – surrounded by middle-aged folks singing the sound of ohm. I left feeling rejuvenated and very confused. I wasn’t really sure what to think about the mystery of yoga. I knew it was something I resonated with, I just didn’t know where it fit and why or how.

Fast-forward a year. I decided to take this irregular practice of mine into the real world. I transferred to a much bigger studio and met one of the most abrasive, up front, loving, no bullshit, hard-working and motivated teachers of all my life. Someone who had a take it or leave it attitude, but once you got to know her, has the biggest heart of gold. As I stepped onto my mat at Yoga Moves for a winter yoga challenge, I knew my life had changed forever. For better or worse, I had fallen head over heals in love with yoga.

Now I am not saying that I am about to fall head over heels with energy healing – but we have been flirting. The Reiki, hypno-meditation and tong ren have not yet fallen into any love categories… as I am still working through a few things. But chakra healings… those are sneaking into my subconscious, and begging me to explore.

As with any new experience, this is a journey. I have no final answer on how I specifically feel when someone places a plastic doll near my head and taps its body. I am still unsure of what happens when I lie down for an hour without anyone touching me, but yet is healing me through the act of Reiki. Do I feel better? Sometimes. Do I want to go back? Sometimes.

In my opinion, energy healing is similar to yoga. Yoga has 20+ different variations, with many folks in the west creating their own new spin on what yoga really is or means. I am not yet familiar with how many variations their are of energy healing but I do know that by flirting around and checking out each of these practices, I am expanding my knowledge, my light and understanding of what kinds of energy healing I resonate with.

My intention this coming year is to just be open. To be open to trying something new, to the idea of a chakra healing, accepting Reiki as a part of my healing practice and maybe exploring the new and different realms of what energy healing really means. Just with anything, try it three times in order to decide if it is right for you – if you’re not sure just keep going. Your body, mind and spirit will know when it’s had enough, and if you listen closely you’ll be able to pinpoint the moment when you decide whether or not this is something you want to pursue or leave in the dust.

Have you ever tried any energy healings? What practices? What pros and cons do you see?

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,



2 thoughts on “My New Relationship With Energy Healing

  1. Dreizme

    Ok. I’m sold! I’ve come to your blog before but I actually spent the better half of the morning really going in depth and reading deeper into things which is helping me understand it better in a different perspective. It all makes sense. We have to take care of ourselves because when we don’t everything really is thrown out of line.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      You’re the best! Seriously… and I’m so glad this all began to resonate with you. It’s so true that we need to be our top priority before we can begin serving others… and something that is so often over looked. I’m so blessed you spent part of your Sunday with me. <3


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