Nama Say: Downward Facing Dog

A few weeks ago on facebook, I asked if anyone had yoga questions and I got a great one!

How do I know my downward facing dog (adho mukha savasana) is in perfect alignment?

Great question!

To find your perfect downward facing dog alignment, you could start in plank.

Your wrists are aligned directly under your shoulders.

Your heels are pulling back behind you and your chest is pulling forward: a perfectly straight line.



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Next: engage your core. Downward facing dog involved a lot more core work than you may realize. Tighten your belly, pulling your navel into your spine. Engage udianha bandha.

WITHOUT moving your hands or your feet (imagine they are all glued to the earth), tilt your hips (still engaging that core) up to the ceiling.



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This creates the perfect downward dog alignment! Give it a try at home or in your local studio today!

Get out there, do yoga & make like sparkle!
Sat Nam,


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