Belize Retreat

Join Danielle & Jenny for a magical island getaway

Is there any better way to start off the New Year than escaping to a private, white sand island, and getting your mind, body, and soul ready for all the amazing things you
deserve? We don’t think so!

Join Danielle and Jenny as we take you to beautiful Tobacco Caye in Belize for a
New Year/New Moon women’s retreat! Our intention for this trip is for you to be able to disconnect, relax, and enjoy a tropical getaway, while also setting your intentions for all the good things to come your way in 2024.

All body types are welcome, and you do not need to have any previous experience with yoga, breath work, or any other planned activity. We want you to feel comfortable and be able to let your hair down, literally or figuratively, while we laugh, cry, bond, and make some awesome memories. We’ll stay in overwater cabins and dine family-style on
fresh, home-style, local dishes.

January 7th-11th, 2024

What’s included: 

Price includes accommodation, food, domestic travel to the island, workshops, yoga,
snorkeling, sea kayaking, standup paddleboards, drum circles and more!

Optional Additional Costs:

Scuba diving or Discover Scuba (try dive)


SHIFTED 1: Ground
Our first workshop will get us started by focusing on grounding and being present. Let’s face it – it can be really difficult to stay grounded in life! We will begin with a tarot pull and a grounding exercise, then move through a series of yoga, breath work, and meditation. After that, we will open into a discussion about what your goals are, what you are looking to achieve, and get thinking about what the best version of ourselves looks like.

SHIFTED 2: Release
“Let go of what no longer serves you.” How many times in your life have you heard that phrase? And how many times have you actually been able to DO it? It’s not easy! Attachment is a really powerful thing, be it to people, ideas, possessions, limiting beliefs, and the lies we tell ourselves to stay comfortable. We will start in similar fashion to the grounding workshop, then figure out what we need to release, and how to do it. This is the time to get vulnerable about what’s really holding you back, and why it has so much power over you. We will do a cord-cutting ceremony and meditation, then get our bodies moving to break up all that stuck energy that is holding us back.

This retreat was timed specifically to be able to coincide with a New Moon. Not only do we have the fresh start feel of the New Year, but also the power of a New Moon in Capricorn, which brings new personal beginnings. Let’s take advantage of this incredible energy to set our paths for 2024! We’ll start with a little yoga, a little breath work, and then meditate to get really clear on what we want – without holding back. YOU DESERVE THE BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER! We’ll spend some time writing out all the things we want to manifest, and have a beautiful intention-setting ceremony to set our plans in


Deposit: $624.50 – 25% due at time of booking

To sign up:

Grab a spot by clicking on “request a spot” on our TrovaTrip website!

All the policies and refund etc information is on their website. Danielle has worked
extensively with Trovatrip over the years running multiple international trips a year.
They are a wonderful, safe company we are excited to partner alongside.

From our website:

1) The trip price is based on double occupancy. Because the island is so small, there unfortunately is no option to upgrade to a single room. Why not recruit a friend to join you? 2) This is a fully eco-friendly island, so be advised there is not enough energy to provide air conditioning, hot showers, or hair dryers. (There is Wi-Fi available.) Rainwater is collected and electricity is generated from solar power. (A generator is available to use only when absolutely necessary.) One of the prime reasons we chose January is because it’s dry season, and evening temperatures are quite mild with a comfortable breeze. 3) Workshop structure and schedule is subject to change before and during the trip. We have an idea of what this retreat looks and feels like, but as we get closer and get to know the attendees better, we may make some adjustments based on what you all would like to see and accomplish! The workshops will probably run about three hours, so ignore the ten-hour label on the itinerary. 4) FYI, the domestic flights between Belize City and Dangriga are on smaller-sized propeller planes, just in case that is an issue for you.