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Did YOU know I have a weekly newsletter?

I do!

I send out my newsletter weekly in order to tell you the latest and greatest details on my blog, my YouTube Chanel and all of my teaching adventures! At the moment I have so many great things happening that you may miss if you just read this blog or follow me on Facebook. The really juicy stuff comes in the weekly newsletter.

I would be SO GRATEFUL for you to sign up, and as a new treat I will be sending you a Loving Kindness Meditation for FREE! Come on over and join in the fun every week.

All you need to do is enter your name and email on the righthand side of this blog. I cannot wait to see you!!

Get out there–do yoga & make life SPARKLE!!

P.s. I have another super-amazing beautiful surprise coming for you in a few weeks so you had better get on that newsletter FAST!! <3 Sending you lots of love on this snowy evening.

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