From the Ground Up

Join Jenny for this online workshop dedicated to how she shifted her mindset during the 2020 Pandemic. After losing her yoga studio in 2020 and paying her employees with her own unemployment money to help keep some of them afloat, she shifted her entire business online and brought in $100,000 in 2021.

This presentation will give you insight into the ups, downs and beautiful behind the scenes of what is means to be a self-employed in 2022.

Take aways from this course:

  • You’ll learn the value of offering things “by donation”
  • You’ll have insight into why hearing NO is one of the biggest blessings in life
  • Glean insight into how investing is the best resource AND the best places to begin
  • See a few behind the scenes mistakes and how to potentially avoid or overcome them in your own business
  • Brainstorm your own ideas on starting or shifting your own business
  • Have a structured plan in place for 2022

From the Ground Up can be found here!