Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Entirely online.

What is it

This online training will bring you beyond the basics and physical practice of yoga; expect to explore the spiritual side while digging deep into ancient yoga philosophy, learning and honoring the healing and therapeutic applications of the art and science of yoga. This training is designed to nurture your authentic and unique style to teach and honor the practice of yoga. I am here to walk with you on this path to find and honor your unique voice as a yoga teacher in a community that honors and celebrates each individual and the collective at whole.

This training features incredible guest teachers who are experts in their fields and specialties. Training Modules include teaching styles and sequencing, alignment and anatomy, trauma-informed teaching, the chakra system, Pranayama, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, diversity and inclusion, and anti-racism in wellness, chair yoga, kids yoga, the business of yoga, yin, restorative, Vinyasa… and so much more. Our teacher training also includes a Reiki I Certification. You will not only be a certified yoga teacher at the end of this training, but you will be trained in the healing art of Reiki.

Yoga teacher training is for ANYONE interested in exploring and digging deeper into their practice and lives. Over the course of my career I have graduated EMTs, nurses, parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists, scientists and more. Each individual comes to yoga teacher training to explore and each integrates their knowledge seamlessly into their lives. This course has the potential to change your life.

How does it work

This training is both live and pre-recorded. Each week you will be required to watch a certain set of videos and complete written assignments. On Wednesday evenings, we will connect live on what you’ve learned!

When does this launch??

We begin again in September – keep your eyes peeled for a launch date!

What are the exact dates??

Much of this work is done on your own time, however we do have live meetings weekly via zoom, as well as a few additional longer dates.

Every Wednesday
September 29th – December 8th

September 25th 12-3pm
October 9th 12-3pm
November 6th 12-3pm
December 11th 12-3pm

*Two of our Wednesday evening calls will run 6-8pm. Dates to be announced closer to the training. 

How much work is this??

Total it’s 200 hours. This includes about 15 hours a week of work. Some of that will include watching pre-recorded videos, our live meetings, reading & assignments and practicum hours. It will be an intensive course load for a few weeks. At the end you will receive your yoga teaching certificate; approved and registered with Yoga Alliance.

How much is it

For this round of training, there are three pricing options.

$1500 – You’ve been greatly impacted by the pandemic yet have always wanted to dive into teacher training. The timing is right but the money is tight. 

$2000 – You have been living life financially without too much change. While the pandemic is impacting you as it has for all, you ultimately feel secure. The timing is right and a virtual teacher training may do the trick for that teaching itch.

$2500 – You haven’t been impacted financially at all by the pandemic. You’ve been saving with the intention to hop into a yoga teacher training in 2021. The money is right but the timing is leaning towards a virtual training vs. in person.

Are payment plans available for sliding scale?

Of course.

Email for details.

What is included in the curriculum??

Week One – Welcome. Exploring the history of yoga, yoga sutras and names in the yoga world.

Week Two – Chakras

Week Three – Koshas, pranayama (breathwork) and other energy

Week Four – Anatomy with Kendra Raymond

Week Five – Implementation Week

Week Six – Sun Salutations

Week Seven – Exploring the Poses

Week Eight – Sequencing

Week Nine – Implementation Week

Week Ten – Meditation, Pre-Natal Introduction, Beginner’s Yoga, Creating inclusive spaces, Trauma Informed Yoga Introduction

Week Eleven – Morals + Ethics 

Week Twelve – Business of Yoga

  • Please note that also included in the curriculum is “How We Show Up,” a discussion on inclusivity and diversity in the wellness space as well as Introduction to Reiki. 

Other details: Deposits are non-refundable. Once training starts; all monies paid prior are non-refundable. Payments plans available. All monies to be paid prior to December 11th, 2021. Virtual learning is an investment YOU make for you; learning will be at your pace, so please make the most of this time and invest in yourself by doing the work. This will be an intensive training; only a few weeks. It will be amazing, unique and really fast! All curriculum is yours forever. Videos will be available after the course to reconnect and learn from once you graduate. This program and curriculum are registered with Yoga Alliance. Jenny Lane is an e-RYT 500 hour with a YACEP certification, a crystal healer with Hibiscus Moon, reiki master, trauma informed restorative teacher with BodyWise, yin yoga teacher and a kundalini meditation & yoga teacher. Deposits are non-refundable. After September 15th, no refunds will be available as course content will begin being given. Deadline to apply September 15th. 

Am I ready to be a teacher??

Yes. Of course. Although I made this video YEARS ago; it still applies. Watch it to see if this training is the one for you.

How do I get started and sign up??

  1. Email and type “I’m in!!”
  2. We have a discussion about why you want to take training, how much you’d like to invest and I answer all of your questions.
  3. Send $100 deposit. Venmo : @jennylaneyogabiz or Paypal:
  4. You will be sent the pre-course from Thinkific. You can create a login and password to view the first preview course.
  5. Congratulations you’re enrolled!