Out with the New in with the Old: Free Love Friday

This past week I was finalizing closing up our home on the Cape with my dad: packing boxes, breaking down beds and trying not to shed any tears in the process. Moving can be such an adjustment and as giddy as I am at the possibility of being closer to our home and families, I am still saddened by the idea of leaving our first home (and the ocean, my sanctuary).

For a few hours while we packed, I was away from my phone (I know, panic set in when I saw all my unread messages). My dad was laughing at me when I started to reply and said: “Ya know what, I bet you can’t go 24 hours without your phone!”

If you know anything about my family, you’ll know that I’m almost always up for a challenge and it usually includes my doodle (little brother). My dad called my brother and asked him how long he thought I may last… 4 hours…..OMG! This was now a definite challenge.

We decided to take it one step further… and challenge YOU! This Free Love Friday is a challenge, “Out with the NEW and in with the OLD!”

This weekend, I am challenging you to do the following 12 (fun and amazing) things:

1. Go OFF your phone, computer etc for 24 hours.Ā 

I understand this is a tough one, but don’t worry we have broken it down for you! Many of my friends run their own online businesses and many others are yoga teachers running out and about the community. How will you update your audience? How will they know where you are? (Again, the panic… I get it)

There are a few simple solutions: Create an auto response on your email (I’m sorry, I’m out having fun now — be back on Monday!), Use Hootsuite to update your audience on your whereabouts without having to check in on Facebook or Twitter and lastly — have fun! Our other suggestions are such a blast that you may forget about the rest of your obligations for the weekend. {{Just triple check you have no Saturday clients}}

2. Hand write a note and send it via snail mail

Handwritten note

Next week I’ll be sharing my 33 yearly goals with you and this is one of my favorites! I used to have a penpal in college: Ginny MacMillan. A wonderful old lady friend at church and it was such a joy to not only receive notes from her, but also to send them. When she passed away on our honeymoon, I was lucky enough to make it back to the service and everyone who know our relationship told me how much she cherished our letters. It’s THOSE things in life, THOSE moments that are real… not a Facebook message.

(I’m a HUGE sucker for letters, and send them to everyone I know as often as I’m able — but also love receiving if you’d like my address ;-))

photo 1

3. Make an actual meal from scratch.

My dad would like to note that he would use “real bacon, real eggs and real butter” in his meal! For me personally I would make an amazing green smoothie, or bake some cupcakes with homemade frosting… I may even make a homemade chile relleno or soup because it’s so chilly here!! You get the point– nothing processed. FEEL your hands in the dough and enjoy the process… not the processed.

Homemade meal, no technology

4. Go to the movies

Everything in our lives now is instant gratification. While it’s wonderful that we can now hook up our computers to the TV and watch Netflix through chrome and PS4, there is also an immense joy of GOING to the movies. Pull on your boots, put on your mittens and hunker down with some snacks AT the theater. Interact with friends or family and pull them out into the real world!

5. If it’s a nice day, go for a walk!

This may not currently apply to you if you’re anywhere on the northern side of the USA — however, you may need to take your puppy for a stroll or just go outside for a quick breath of fresh air at work!

6. Go to an in-person yoga class

There are some amazing resources online (and I’m even in the process of creating some for you), but there is a MAGIC that appears when you step on your mat in the studio. There is support, others breath and a knowledgeable teacher would will love and guide you through class. I almost always tell my students that the hardest part of coming to class, was walking through the front door! Just go — it’ll be worth every moment.

7. Meet some friends for lunch AFTER that yoga class


I had the amazing opportunity to meet a new friend of mine, Smita in Boston last week! We met a few weeks back at a Boston Bloggers event and finally met up for some yoga and tea. It was a wonderful afternoon — we both sweat our behinds off and then relaxed and got to know one another over some delicious and warm snacks. Meeting your old friends and creating new relationships is such a joy — get out there and interact this weekend!!

8. Go to church

Yoga, church, asana

Or something spiritual. Maybe you’re interested in a new religion? Or perhaps a chanting circle, crystal bowl workshop or a tarot card reading. Sundays used to always mean church and Grandma’s house for me. In the past few years I’ve been HUNTING for a new home church and never truly found a place to connect (not without trying). I’m so happy to be home in my own church and spending time with my Grandma in the afternoons. Whatever you choose to do doesn’t have to involve God, but maybe it does have to involve finding your own bliss!

9. Play a game

A REAL game: Scrabble (with other people — NOT words with friends), Monopoly, Cards, Poker etc. Have fun and interact with people while you play… in person!

10. Learn (or pick up) a skill

I used to scrapbook weekly! From high school to college I documented everything we did on paper with photos I printed at home or at CVS. I have silly photos, tons of captions and lots of heart and memories. About the time hubby and I got married, I suddenly stopped. Ā Life got a bit too busy and I was always stuck on our wedding album, not being able to get past it for some reason.

That stops NOW! I’m going back and scrapbooking the last two years ASAP so I can be caught up and have these beautiful memories in my hands instead of on the screen.

If you don’t scrapbook — do you have a skill you used to use that you’ve forgotten about? Or one you want to learn? Ask your grandma to teach you knitting or your mom to teach you how to sew an apron! Maybe you’ll actually DO some of the things you pin on Pinterest (print it out BEFORE your detox if you can…if not, this is one of your only passes).

11. Listen to an old song.

On repeat. Maybe while you’re digging around for those old knitting needles, you’ll find your past mixed tapes. If you don’t have them — maybe an old friend does. And seeing as how you are going to be writing them a letter, why not ask? šŸ™‚ Music brings back more emotion than smells and puts you back into the best (and worst) memories the moment you hear the first lyric or melody. Give it a whirl (especially because this is your second and last technology pass)

12. Make a gratitude list

Each week I document my gratitude list online and in person. I am always expressing my thanks and love for everything thats happened around me and it makes me feel grateful, joyous and SO loved!

This weeks list includes: advice and a day of packing with my dad, laughing with my brother, planning my trip to Florida (including seeing friends, diving and maybe even a day at Disney), writing again for fun, packing all my crafts with good intentions, putting down our Christmas tree (it’s sad, but it had a home this year and it’s more than I could have asked for), cuddling Apollo and hubby every night, snuggling Digger each week, watching The Taste and knowing Cassandra (on team Ludo) will be on my upcoming retreat(!!), my upcoming retreat in NYC (!!!!), working on The Ahimsa Project (and a fun new piece I’m adding in), interviewing business coaches, learning about Tantric Yoga, this weekend’s Reiki training and Hindu Mythology classes, more writing, my first classes at Aim Fitness in North Andover and so much more!

Did I mention I’m excited for my upcoming retreat?! šŸ˜‰


I am ever grateful for each of you as you read along (always)!! Here’s to a joyous, technology free weekend!!

Sending you love & light,

5 thoughts on “Out with the New in with the Old: Free Love Friday

  1. Susan

    GREAT Post! I love all of these. I’m going to give this a shot this Sunday. #1 does panic me though haha! but maybe I won’t notice I’m not on it if I fill my time with the other things on the list!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      #1 does set in panic for many people! But you’re right — the more we do off the list, the less we use our technology šŸ™‚ Good luck!

  2. Kristi {Encircled.ca}

    Wonderful post Jenny.

    A good challenge for all of us. #1 DEFINITELY terrifies me the most. Baby steps. Comes with running your own business – the smartphone glue is not so easy to remove!

    I’m going to start slowly on this one, i.e. no work emails after 8pm and see how it goes. Love the other suggestions!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      HAHA Kristi! It’s so true — complete panic. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a Reiki training and will be shutting off my phone (except emergencies and to check in with hubby after the training). It’s scary but I’ve scheduled some posts and plan on putting up my auto responder in the AM when I leave! Crazy that technology has us in this much of a grip — as business owners it’s so tough, but also so necessary! Good luck and have fun!


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