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Writing a blog is quite a funny thing. It isn’t something that everyone can (or would like) to do. It is a personal peek into your life and often as writers we put our whole hearts on the line. We leave nothing behind and try to give as much of ourselves as possible.

There are times when this becomes a disadvantage. Try to share some news with your mom? I already read about it online this morning, honey! Trying to express a really deep opinion? A herd of amount of “unfollowers” Want to have a few extra glasses of wine on a Saturday night? An inevitably sneaking photo shows up online bringing down the “reputation” you built.

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Delicious bloggers dinner

But in many other ways, having a blog is AMAZING! I love this medium. I get to write, express myself as often as I choose, work on my photography skills and meet some of the most amazing people in the world.

This weekend I was subject to the latter: meeting a whole bunch of beautiful and talented fitness/yoga bloggers on a secluded retreat in central Vermont. Before we even left, we were told to #perfectvt for every piece of our adventure… and our instagrams are FULL of this tiny hashtag {{go on instagram after reading this and check it out}}.

bloggers weekend, perfect vt, vermont, retreat, yoga, yoga retreat
Bloggers Welcome Sign

While traveling there, hubby was curious: what types of bloggers would we meet, would we see any deer (yes we would), and what in the world do we wear on a rainy endless winter spring weekend in Vermont?

bloggers weekend, perfect vt, vermont, retreat, yoga, yoga retreat
The types of bloggers we met:                        My new friend Erin

The answers to our questions unfolded as did a picturesque landscape. I was so fortunate to have been chosen to be among a handful of bloggers this past weekend to check out Perfect VT as a potential retreat space for my yoga studio, Barefoot Yoga Shala as well as a review on my blog. What a blessing to have a mini getaway a mere 2 weeks after opening my space!

The mountain air was fresh, clean and cool as we walked the tours of Riverside Farm and Sweet Georgia P’s. These two venues in addition to the lodge where we stayed both evenings (Amee Lodge), were breathtaking. Made for weddings (to hold up to 800 people and on average 250) and large corporate events, the Riverside Farm spanned across a number of barns aptly named for their color.

Riverside Farm
Riverside Farm

The white barn was an eclectic space fitting 16 people in bunk bends and gorgeous shared baths atop reclaimed horse stalls and antique army tanks. Each room had every detail planned, with tiny antiques scattered in each room and the hallways. Its quaint and cozy setting would be perfect for a number of wedding guests or a smaller yoga retreat!

yoga retreat, perfect vermont, yoga, vermont
The White Barn

The brown barn was breathtaking. Both barn doors opened for a view of the mountains on either side made perfectly for a wedding reception. Huge hallways, exposed beam and a nice area for the bar/DJ. I could already see the guests dancing through the night. We were also told that at the end of most weddings there was a sparkler send-off for the bride and groom before the headed to the bridal suite (down the road) to spend their first night as Mr. & Mrs. (We were also told that when we go on our retreat, each of us will receive a sparkly send-off as well – hehe).

bloggers weekend, perfect vt, vermont, retreat, yoga, yoga retreat
“Dancing” in the brown barn

The red barn was the perfect place for a corporate retreat. A bar for cocktail hour in the basement (where the owners adorable 4 children learned Karate during the daytime), a rustic and open space upstairs for dinner complete with a few red couches and antique nik-nacs for late night chatter and gossip.

yoga retreat, perfect vermont, yoga, vermont
The red barn

The next place on our tour was Sweet Georgia P’s: the farm down the street (where we will be practicing yoga among the mountains, chicken and goats!). It is run by a young couple who named their farm after their 3 year old girl, Georgia (they also have an angelic 1 year old). The couple grew up with a love of outdoors and minimal knowledge from watching their parents. For a number of years they dabbled in corporate life all the while understanding they were being pulled towards nature and away from the grind. After a while they began to experiment, play in the dirt and build the life of their dreams. Sweet Georgia P’s now has 15 goats, a million chickens and a sustainable CSA where they deliver in Massachusetts (and maybe someday to the studio!) Above the working barn is a quaint and cozy space, with gentle hard-wood floors and the best view of the mountains on our entire tour. It is where we will be practicing yoga on our retreat!!!

bloggers weekend, perfect vt, vermont, retreat, yoga, yoga retreat

The best place of all, however was Amee Lodge. Our accommodations were rustic, unplugged, warm, cozy and very comfortable. Hubby and I loved our room – a king sized bed in a cozy attic room with an additional twin bed in the corner. The room was complete with antiques and the best stone shower I have ever seen. Each piece of woodwork in the entire town (with a population of 428) was intricate and beautifully done. I continuously texted my brother showing him the amazing work that was being showcased… on the stairways, the doors and the furniture. Every details from the lights hung on the entryway and porch, to the welcome baskets was planned to a T by the ever kind and lovely, Tom & Erlin.

Tom and Erlin made us feel at home right away. We felt at home and at ease through our entire stay. We were welcomed by Peter, the mayor-like manager, Mark the death-racing innkeeper and Joe’s beautiful family who owns the entire property. These folks were not only employees of the facility, but lovers of their craft. Each of them lived their truth: they ran Spartan races, completed yoga trainings, ate from the land and breathed in the fresh mountain air daily!

After this mini-getaway vacation I am charged and ready to teach all week!! I cannot wait to get this retreat information together and bring you along for the ride next time. When we arrive the next time, we will be dragging my new friend Peter to yoga with us on one of our morning yoga practices. We made a bet (don’t worry I’ll be paying on my end as well) and he will be practicing alongside us in the fall!

yoga retreat, perfect vermont, yoga, vermont

Sending you beautiful mountain air and lots of love,

P.s. This post is lovingly sponsored by Perfect Vermont, but all my opinions are my own. I always promise to be truthful in all my reviews. <3

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