Power Your Spirit Update!

I have chills this morning! I woke up to check in on our power your spirit challenge photos and was blown away by the response. Rhia & I knew we wanted to empower each of you to have FUN, and find playful intrigue… we wanted you to love yourself more than ever before and find your inner worth… but THIS was something we could have only dreamed of. YOU are making it a reality.

It’s only day four and so far we’ve seen: mamas teaching babies to drink green smoothies (and LOVING them), Avon walks for breast cancer, amazing family photos, delicious foods from across the seas, talented and loving mommies & yogis, friends who HATE spinach drinking it for the first time and people challenging themselves to go deeper than they could ever imagine. My GOD you guys, you’re doing it!!!

I couldn’t be any more THRILLED than to see each of you in your essence. Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining me and rocking your bliss.

All I can say today is that THIS IS A SELF-LOVE REVOLUTION and we are here to be with you, to create and to POWER YOUR SPIRIT.

{You can still join in if you want to…click here to sign up & start NOW — can’t wait to see you!}


#poweryourspirit Amy Auset's version!
#poweryourspirit Amy Auset’s version!

Love you yogis!
Jenny & Rhis 

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