Power Your Spirit

Do YOU want YOU?
Are you truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself?


When is the last time you put yourself first?


It’s time you gave yourself permission to be (head to toe) SASSY! 


I want to see your spirit light up! I want to see the beauty from inside you radiate out for the entire world to see.


And it’s about damn time you put yourself first. 


What does it mean to stop and power your spirit?


Sit taller at a restaurant.
Sink into a silk bubble bath that wraps your naked body.
Breathe in the smell of fresh air or a delicious candle on your desk.
Make a green smoothie mustache.
Unbutton another button on that blouse.
Breathe more fully & deeply than ever before.
Touch yourself: THERE.
Practice yoga until the sweat forming on your brow would no longer be considered sexy, but strong and tough and fierce.


You are naturally brilliant.
You are worthy.
You are wanted, loved and held by an amazing collective of women.
YOU ARE THE CHANGE you want to see.
You are a warrior.
So how about a real challenge?
28 days of putting yourself first.
28 days of blissful challenges.
28 days of excitement, intrigue, sexy, love, & peacefulness. 


Rhia Cataldo and I are inviting you to JUMP IN, take a leap of faith, FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, take yourself on a date, make deep passionate love (to yourself or another), explore, touch, laugh and PLAY.


What if I told you this was all FREE?


We promise that at the end of the 28 days, you will love yourself more & love yourself for doing it.  Join us as we POWER OUR SPIRITS & IGNITE OUR PASSIONS.


Click here to join in this free 28 day challenge and learn more ways to love yourself through yoga and more!


Sending you love, freedom, happiness & SASS!!
Can’t wait to have you join us on the virtual mat.
Jenny & Rhia

6 thoughts on “Power Your Spirit

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Christina 🙂

      It’s 28 days of challenges. You will receive 4 emails (with 7 challenges in each email, one for each day of the week)!!

      There is a private facebook for The Ahimsa Project which is running in a few weeks (it’s on my work with my page, but I’m going to be writing about it specifically soon).

      Looking forward to having you!! xx


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