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 Journey to Hope is on the rise…again! We aren’t quite expanding in a physical sense, but we are expanding what we have. It has been such a lovely adventure so far and I am ready to update you all on what has come in the past few weeks and what is to come!
  •   Meet Apollo, our newest member of the Journey to Hope family! He is   a rescue lab/beagle (we believe) and is 11 weeks old. He and Digger   may make some guest blog appearances!
  • We hired a lawyer!!! We will be Inc. by the end of this week & are on our way to becoming a legal non-profit.
  • We have added a March benefit class on March 30th – details to come.
  • We are having our teacher training on March 31st – $40 per person. 12-4. West Dennis Library. Please fill out your application soon!!
  • We are working on our SUMMER fundraiser – July 14th!!! Save the date.
  • We have applied for an Omega Service Conference scholarship & are hopefully going to be in attendance with other loving teachers who practice seva in their respective communities.
  • We had a huge & loving mat donation from The Sassy Yogini this weekend & we couldn’t be more thrilled!!
  • We are only $100 away from our complete payment for the lawyer – donations welcome & accepted via paypal (super safe)!
  • We are working with our residents & students to bring you brand new testimonials – a real life look into our daily lives and what we are doing in the community.
Thank you all so much for continuing to inspire and support Journey to Hope. It is truly appreciated!!

Please save the dates, as we can’t wait to see you at each of our events!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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