Real Work

Jill, Power Yoga studio owner (and my awesome boss), told us this week that the real practice begins just when you want to give up. And let me tell you, I did want to give up. A few times. In practice. While she was teaching utkatasana, and goddess. I was screaming things at her she probably doesn’t want to hear. Ever.
The next day I went for a run. About half way through my run my only thought was: why the hell am I out here, in this hot heat, torturing both myself and my dog by running 2 miles? Who will ever know if I give up? This sucks. It’s hot, I’m tired, my eyes are burning from sweating so much and my chest hurts.
Then I heard Jill: “the practice begins just when you want to give up.”
So I let myself be immersed in my practice. Although I was running and not in yoga, I kept going. I didn’t go too much further but that extra 1/2 mile was exactly what I needed to run through the negativity.
As it says right before you walk into the Power Yoga studio: The Best Way Out is Through!

Just keep going. Whether it’s a 1/4 mile, an entire yoga practice, or a gentle paddle in the pond, do it anyway. Get out there. Have fun! Sweat. Laugh at yourself. Be stronger than you ever imagined you could be.

Because the real work begins just when you think you’re going to give up.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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