Modern Hippie Muse: Rituals for Manifesting

In my world, words like ritual, new moon and intention setting are commonplace. I can hear a particularly “woo” word and know exactly what it means in an instant. And yet it is the question I get the most often. What do I do during the (insert moon or eclipse energy); Which crystal is best for (insert emotion or manifestation)?

The modern hippie muse inside of me wants to officially welcome you to the woo.

This series will be a modern hippies take on the intention of ritual, manifestation, the meanings of the moon, crystal insight and much more. As we begin, please know your questions are always welcome in the comments below or on my social media pages.


 One of my favorite topics is manifesting!

I love the idea and intention that we can get whatever it is we put our minds into. Wherever attention goes, energy flows and I have been following this mentality for years. You put in the effort and the universe delivers the rest.

The biggest flaw within this program however, is the idea that sometimes the universe delivers EXACTLY what you ask for. Sounds amazing, but sometimes – the universe hears your exact words, not your deepest, inner desires and workings.

About a decade ago I was on a 10 day vacation in the Caribbean on a Yacht with some friends. Sounds super fancy, but I promise you I was living moment to moment and even had to ask my mom for a little extra cash as the people at the airport charged me $300 when they messed up my ticket on the way there – and that happened to be the cash I was going to use on my trip. Fancy.

Anyway, we went on a few scuba diving adventures and explored beaches and the locale in the name of fun. I was on this adventure with 5 people I had only met once in my life and my friend Sean Blum who invited me to tag along as he knew I was a fellow diver. They were amazing and wonderful people – and although I had not much in common with them, we all rose to the occasion of stepping out of our comfort zones and I had one of the best vacations of my life.

At the end of this week, I needed some space to myself (and I wasn’t rolling in the riches) so I decided to skip out on the final dive. I tagged along in the life raft as they dove under the ocean and I watched the sunset in the islands.

There is nothing more beautiful and lonely then watching the sunset alone on a life raft in the middle of the Caribbean. It was one of the most AWE-inspiring scenes I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing and I will forever be grateful for that moment. I looked out into the horizon and I started praying – and when I pray, I simply talk to God. I explained to him that I was about to graduate from college and still wasn’t entirely sure what my life plan was going to entail. I’m a planner and the kind of girl who tics off the checklist of a syllabus when it arrives at my desk in order to figure out how to beat the clock and get it all done as early as possible. I plan out every detail and I needed God to know I was ready and attentive, awaiting his syllabus for my life.

I said “please guide me to find my life purpose, show me what I need to see in order to choose the right path.”

Fast forward to May of this year. My mother sent me to Cape Cod for a four day trip alone to my favorite place in the world. I spent those days blissfully napping, in the yoga studio with my best friends, cuddled on my cousins couch and walking as many beaches as I could find between Eastham and Falmouth. I was in my glory.

At one point, I looked out into the ocean and I began to talk. I looked right at the horizon and said “thank you, so much for showing me the way…. thank you for helping me to marry an alcoholic and creating this path for me to create Yoga for Families of Addiction…thank you, thank you, thank you…. as I walk into this new path, I want to request perhaps…. can we make the next part easy?”

In the last decade I had received EXACTLY what I asked for: a path to finding my true purpose.

When we manifest, we need to be specific in our requests. Always.

How to Manifest

My favorite manifesting ritual is quite simple. I find my favorite crystals and place them in a small circle. Generally I have one pointing in each direction (north, south, east west) and a larger, clear quartz or candle in the center. I then take a few moments to clear the energy. Personally I use reiki, breath work and palo santo. Many people I know use sage, essential oils and other alternative healing modalities. When my energy is clear, I write down what it is I would like to manifest in the present tense as though it is already happening. I take a moment to sit with my intention and then I burn my wish. I like to scatter the ashes into the garden or around the trees near the Shala as I offer my wishes back to the universe.

Manifesting can be as simple as asking for what you want. Bravely emailing the editor of a widely known  online publication if they are hiring any writers (and then sending a wish alongside it in your heart), asking a friend if they have a crystal they know of that would be good for love (and sending a wish alongside it that it will be gifted to you instead of you having to purchase it) or saying to yourself, I really wish someone would buy me a cup of coffee today so I don’t have to stop before I teach my next private. And then you watch as the action you took and the intention you created, combined to create what it is you wanted to manifest.

Writing our manifestations takes some time to refine. It’s taken me years of working alongside Lululemon (as first an educator and then their local ambassador), reading spiritual scripts, subscribing to OMazingly beautiful newsletters and following fellow woo friends on their journey in owning female driven, spiritual businesses. It will take you a while to become comfortable with manifesting and the wording of it all, but I promise that if you follow these three simple rules, you can’t go too far off.

  • Keep it in the present moment. That is to say, write your goals and intentions as if they are happening. I HAVE a $10,000 month vs. I will have or want a $10,000 month in my business. It helps the universe to know you’re already living with the mindset that you are sure this will happen.
  • Give yourself a time limit. I have a $10,000 month in September 2018 vs. someday I want a $10,000 month. This holds us accountable as much as the universe. We need to WORK towards our goals and intentions as much as we need to say them aloud and manifest.
  • Keep it positive. I am living a healthy lifestyle in September 2018 vs. I want to no longer be stuck, sick and feeling heavy. When we say the word NO, sometimes the universe doesn’t hear that word and instead it hears “stuck and sick…got it!” Keep your thoughts geared towards where you want to be, not where you want to leave.

But wait, what crystals do I use?

Excellent question my new woo friend! You are allowed to use whatever crystals you are drawn to. Often times, the ones we find the “prettiest” are the ones we truly need. You’ll pick one up at the store, ask the nice lady behind the desk for the meaning and find out it is ‘accidentally’ the exact crystal you need. However, for those of you who need a bit more concrete of an answer, here are some popular crystal choices for manifesting.

Rose Quartz – Love
Clear Quartz – Clearing energy, letting go of the negative
Selenite – Letting go of toxicity
Citrine – Abundance
Lapis Lazuli – Communication

Okay, one more question, when is the best time to manifest?


Buuuuttt, if you want more specifics: the new moon. It’s when the moon is the darkest in the sky and we can no longer see her beautiful glow. This is said to be a time when the portal to the universe is wide open and our intentions can be heard the loudest.

Manifesting works at any time. BELIEVE it and you’ll receive. It could be as simple as the coffee I manifested between beginning this article at 9am and publishing now this afternoon or as complex as a life altering change that creates a new direction or path for you that you could’ve never seen coming.

My studio, Barefoot Yoga Shala, has a New Moon Circle on August 12th (this Sunday) as well as a 200 hour Teacher Training Program and a Yoga Mastermind that dives DEEP into the spiritual realm and explains the nuances of not only teaching yoga, but also what it means to walk in this world as a woo leader.

Get your manifesting on my new woo friends. Feel free to ask me any questions about being a modern hippie by commenting below and while you’re at it, tell the world what it is you’re manifesting in that same comment!

xx, namaste – Jenny

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