Saying Goodbye {for now}

Dear Cape Cod Yogis,

I wanted to take a moment to say I love you. I know it’s controversial to say sometimes to people who you don’t know very well — but I mean it. I love YOU…. as a community on a small and beautiful island the yoga world here absolutely rocks and brings it to everything that each of you do!

In the past two and a half years, my husband and I have carved our own space into this magical island we now call our home. We brought home Digger & Apollo, have lived in two amazing places, I started Journey to Hope and we started our lives as husband and wife. We’ve been swimming, and eating and playing here for only a handful of years, but it seems like the magic has always been there along with our island.

The most important piece of my portion of this adventure has been my connection with Power Yoga of Cape Cod. Through this amazing yoga community, I was able to spread my wings and begin teaching to all of these amazing students…I met wonderful men and women who became fast friends…I discovered energy work and healing and I learned more lessons from the mat in the past three years then I could ever have imagined. YOU made this possible. This community, the power of love and karma, energy and joy…. it kept me sane as I transitioned away from my family for the first time and ventured into becoming a married woman living away from home. This community created my non-profit and lead me to meet some of the most beautiful people I have ever met (both inside and out). I have learned about raw veganism, at least 5 new styles of yoga I had never tried, the power of a workshop and the joy of a hug in the first few weeks of our move.

PYCC has been my safe space. My place to be ME — always — and let it all hang out. It’s been my place to explore new sequences, learn how to kick your asanas in Jammin’ yoga, practice patience and so much more. It is hard to put into words, even if that is how I often express myself best. The joy, the love and the community has been more meaningful to me than each of you will ever know… and I am ever grateful for each of YOU.

I keep mentioning change the past few weeks: here on the blog, and on my social media platforms. The reason is because hubby and I are experiencing a ton of it right now!! We have decided that in the coming weeks we are moving from our beautiful island. It’s equally sad and exciting to be in this place right now.

Through all this transition, I have decided that although we are not yet moved it would serve both myself and you all best if I stopped teaching my weekly classes at Power Yoga of Cape Cod. I need to do what’s best for our family and right now, that means living in the moment, being able to breathe as a student and figuring out what the next move really is in this process.

Friday night will be my LAST CLASS at Power Yoga of Cape Cod, Harwich. It seems fitting that my last class with be a jammin’ class and I’m eager to create the perfect playlist and sequence for you all.

I would be honored if you could join me at Power Yoga of Cape Cod, Harwich at 6:00pm THIS Friday (9/13) to celebrate, move, play and transition with me for my last class!!

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to ask my questions, please do! I would love to hear from you privately on facebook or via email (just not on the blog) and I’ll tell you more. We are excited, sad and ever grateful of every opportunity, blessing, unanswered prayer and manifestation that has happened in the past few weeks.

I will miss you all so much… but as I said, we aren’t quite gone yet — just transitioning!! Hopefully I’ll practice next to you on the mat sometime soon and see you before we depart from this magical island we have called home for a few blissful years.

In the coming weeks I will be writing about my loves here, my yoga teaching at PYCC and all about the upcoming adventures on which I am about to embark!!

Sending you all so much love, joy & happiness!!
Get out there– do yoga & make life sparkle!
Sat Nam,

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye {for now}

  1. Rhia

    aw, Jenny… Im going to miss you girl. A lot! But we can still plan our retreat finally! 😉 Trust in what God has in store for you.. many more magical miracles!! All my love sister. WAHE GURU!! LOVE YOU! Rhia

    1. Jenny R Post author

      We CAN do our retreat now… and we should start planning asap. I’m thinking a beautiful winter retreat…. in Bali or someplace just as special. I’m gonna miss you tons, but I’m sure I’ll see you soon. Love, love, love. <3


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