My Self-Care During Pregnancy

Life has definitely been getting more exciting around these parts! We are about to welcome our little yogi dude into the world and every day I feel as though I am racing against the clock. Owning your own business and going out on maternity leave can lead to some insane middle of the night thoughts: hello pregnancy insomnia!

This past week alone I have written 4 pre-scheduled emails, hired 2 new people at the Shala, created blog posts ready to be launched after he’s born, organized the nursery, packed/re-packed my hospital bag, did about 3 loads of our/baby’s laundry, cleaned our home, met with each of my teachers individually, created T-shirts and so much more. Those are just some of the little ducks I’m getting in the row so I feel “comfortable” handing over the reins to my AMAZING employees for a few weeks.

So what does a girl do when she’s a little stressed, about to have a baby and trying to hold everything together?


If you know anything about me or my blog, you know how important it is to take care of yourself. It’s NOT selfish to take that extra hour for a pedicure and to tell someone else NO for just a moment. You cell phone can wait, your family can survive… it’s just an hour.

For the past five weeks, I made myself a promise that I would do one nice thing for myself among my million and one errands and to-do lists. A promise to choose the magic over the mundane!IMG_5674

1) Massage

Being pregnant is an interesting physical adjustment. Everything feels awkward and uncomfortable, especially interactions with strangers. Conversations tend range from kindness (you look beautiful) to very, very odd (you better go to the hospital right away, my daughter was crowning…). Not only do conversations tend to get a little awkward, but the whole exchange itself. People I don’t even know want to reach out and touch me, but those around me treat me like a fragile butterfly.

As such, the power of touch is incredibly important while you’re pregnant. You don’t always want to welcome people into your space, but when you do, you want someone to actually¬†touch you!

I had two massages while I was pregnant and one of them was outstanding. Both were really great, but one of the massages left me feeling the way I used to during a massage: beat up! I loved every second of her really digging deep into my muscles and finally releasing a few knots I have. I truly recommend getting prenatal massages!

2) Reflexology

Have you every experienced reflexology? Oh my is it heavenly!!

My friend Shannon and I ventured into this tiny little place close to work, FootWorx on 114 in Middleton. Fortunately I had been there once before in my pregnancy, so I knew it was a legitimate place … but it definitely left a little to the imagination. Think back alley massage parlors and dark ambiance.

But it was NOTHING like that at all.

If you’ve never been to reflexology, let me break it down for you a bit. They start you seated on an ottoman and place your feet into warm water with tea bags inside. As you soak your tootsies, they massage your shoulders, arms and back. It feels so heavenly!!

Then they move you to a recliner and place your feet on the ottoman you’d been sitting on. You’re handed an eye mask and a heating pack for your belly to keep you cozy and warm as they massage your feet and legs.

Divine. Better than a massage some days and entirely worth checking out!!

3) Pedicure

I love me a delicious pedicure and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect location. I’ve found a few really great places, Faith Spa in Lynnfield does a great job … but nothing that really lights my fire yet! Hopefully after the little yogi dude is born, I’ll find the perfect spot so I know where to go in a pinch.

4) Gel Manicure


I LOVE gel manicures. As someone who bites her nails, I have been in love with gel for the past few years. I should get my nails done much more frequently than I do, as it helps me keep the biting at bay, but I’ve been happy to do them a handful of times during my pregnancy. That whole “pregnancy nails” thing is real, expect if your nails are really weak and brittle it doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot.

After much exploring, this week I found my spot (and hopefully that means they do a mean pedicure… I haven’t tried them yet but fingers crossed). I went to Posh Nails in Woburn and blissful, divine, ahhhh-mazing… they don’t even cover it for adjectives.

The manicure itself was wonderful, but then they massage your shoulders while your hands are dipped in paraffin wax and scrubbed down with epsom salt/essential oils. And they do this for EVERY SINGLE appointment. YES!!!

5) Getting my hair done

As many of you saw in last weeks article, I love having my hair done. As a yogi I am so natural on many things. I was joking with my cousins boyfriend last week that the only thing in my medicine cabinet is stick on heat packs and tea tree oil. But there are certain things this little modern hippie needs and getting my hair done is one of them. (Sadly, it was one of my first questions when I found out I was pregnant… and I was approved to get it done while I’m cooking this little nugget!)

Last week I had my pink undertone put back in by my amazing friend Andrae who works (way far away) in Natick at Mirage. I love him and if you’re ever out that way, go see him immediately!!


These tiny little acts have been lifesavers the last few weeks. As I prepare to settle in for a bit and get to know my little man, it has been an amazing blessing to add in this self-care.

Alongside my major self-care moments, I have also done little things during the week: light incense, had a surrender & release ceremony to welcome little Ziggy with open arms & an open heart, diffused oils, took bubble baths, enjoyed quite time alone with a book and a candle, pulled tarot cards, held a moon ceremony and made sure to get coffee frequently with my friends.¬†It’s been divine and I know that as I transition to motherhood, it gets harder to remember self-care … but that’s a part of my mission. I am determined to continue to add in a little love for myself each week, in order to be the best mom I can!


The better you feel in body and mind, the better you’re able to serve others.

Get out there and get a last minute summer pedicure, or just buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Pamper yourself a little bit today and be sure to say THANK YOU when someone compliments you (no dismissive comments). You are radiant, you are loved and you deserve every ounce of this joy.


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