September Ambassadors: Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart as the Barefoot Yoga Shala Ambassador. Rockstar yogi with prayer hands asana.

September was quite the busy month for this mama yogi! Having my little one enter the world and continuing to run the studio remotely was an adventure for sure. I was blessed with two rockstars who love promoting us on social media and playing in the studio. They were both amazing to work with and I know they made the past month a breeze.

Karen is one of the most beautiful souls I know inside and out. She’s sassy, funny and loyal. She has been with me as a student since the moment I opened my doors in March 2014 and has stayed with me through thick and thin. To watch her evolve as a student in her physical, emotional and spiritual journey has been a blessing, and now she is joining the teacher training in January. What a joy it is that I get to see this journey continue to expand and unfold right before my very eyes. She lights me up, cracks me up and is always the first one to tell everyone to answer me when I ask how their day was (hers is always FABULOUS!!). I  love her lots and am tickled to present her interview to you!

Karen Stewart as the Barefoot Yoga Shala Ambassador. Rockstar yogi with prayer hands asana.

1) You live across the street from our photo shoot location, which is truly gorgeous. Your home, the location and everything about it just seems magical: how did you come to live there?

That is the location in which I was raised.  After I lost both my parents I inherited the original house.  My husband and I updated/remodeled it. I consider it a privilege to live there.

2) You are taking our teacher training in January!! How long has yoga been a part of your life? Why have you chosen to do the training now? 

I started practicing yoga in the late 90’s through the Beverly Recreation Department.  It was (one of the) best things I EVER did for myself.  I have never, before joining the Shala, had the opportunity to take teacher training. I’m looking forward to exploring deeper into yoga. (As long as Steve is my study buddy!)

 3) As someone who works in a bank environment, yoga seems very different from your day-to-day life, how do you integrate yoga off the mat?

I work with a HUGE spectrum of individuals.  My yoga practice helps me keep things in perspective and be more patient than I might ordinarily be.  It has prevented me from throwing both customers and co-workers out of a window. After all, I would look TERRIBLE in an orange prison jumpsuit!

4) What is your favorite part of yoga?

I like tuning out EVERYTHING else, concentrating upon only the words/instructions the teacher is giving. I do, however, have to make an effort to keep my “left” and “right” correct!

5) Tell us a fun fact about yourself!!! And because it’s really cool that you were married on 10 -10-10, at 10:10 AM, you are not allowed to use that fact! (I’m sure you have plenty)

I worked as a legal secretary for approximately 5 years then went into the machine shop industry approximately 20 years before going to work directly for the President of a bank. I absolutely LOVE my boss, which is pretty rare in this day and age. I am a very good cook AND a Notary Public. I it would be cool to get my heavy equipment operators license and operate large construction equipment/machinery.

6) What would you say to someone who’s never tried yoga before?

You are cheating yourself out of something that will (or could) forever change your life for the better! Also, you’re NOT supposed to know what you are doing when you start. It isn’t a contest.  It’s a practice.  Always changing and evolving…… and I’m still looking for that OTHER body!

Love you Karen. Thank you so much for playing along this past month and thank you for always supporting me.



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