Meet Jenny

I am

A mother. A yoga teacher. A healer. An educator.

I’m a solo mom to the world’s best little boy, our dogs named Apollo + Jovie and our kitty Lucy Luna. We live by the ocean. I take my little boy on mama-and-me dates. We crave sunshine, long days by the ocean and lots of laughter. Oh, and yoga. ALL the yoga.

I believe

That you are enough. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and you are on this beautiful journey called life. Falling in love with yourself can be easy.

I fully believe we can heal our inner traumas. You are brave enough to say NO; it’s a full sentence. You are brave enough to set boundaries, carve space for you + create the life you desire and deserve. I fully believe you are BEYOND worthy of everything this life can give you.

My main mission in life is to give love, teach love, and spread love. Yoga is the tool that helps me to navigate this incredibly rich life I live.

I teach

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings; in-person and online. Yoga classes. Intuitive healing and coaching sessions. I give reiki, crystal healing + offer home blessings.

My teachings are those of love. I teach from my heart and blend my background to create my own method in each class. I talk about yoga sutras, the history of yoga, charkas, crystals, love + energy.

I mix my vinyasa background into my newfound love for prana flow and kundalini. I sprinkle in reiki whenever I can. I will constantly be reminding you that you are exactly where you belong and you are wildly supported with love.

I write

I write about everything that makes me who I am. I tap into codependencywhat to do when you don’t feel like you’re enough, how to balance your energy, what to do when your trauma is triggered, adventures in solo parenting and so much more. Yoga is woven into everything I touch, and I am eager to continue sharing that life with you.

Ready to join me in practice?