Soul Warrior: Hanna Horner

The women I have been interviewing for the Soul Warrior series are no joke! I have come across such a strong and beautiful group of women who have blessed me with not only participating as contributors to The Ahimsa Project, but also becoming my friends and soul warrior sisters!!

This week, I want to introduce you to Hanna Horner. Hanna runs the online magazine, More Love to the People. This past November she challenged me to write about a few of my favorite subjects for the magazine: yoga, self-love and gratitude and then she placed me on the front cover! It was an amazing project to be a part of and you can read more here! Hanna’s love shines through every page and all of her social media blasts. She is a joy to be around and a picture of pure love.

Hanna is a beautiful soul inside and out…. and who wouldn’t want to learn more about a woman who’s twitter profile states: “Swedish/Canadian mama to 4 kids, wife, friend, wellness coach, hypnotherapist, health food junkie, yogi and generally a woman on a mission!!” 


1. Why did you want to be a part of The Ahimsa Project? What was it that pulled you in?

I ALWAYS want to say yes to things I think are great and full of love for the world 🙂 The Ahimsa Project (and Jenny) is something I wanted to support as much as I could, since I -oh so totally believe in the importance of self-love and self-care.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 things, what would they be? …and also, what’s the one thing you would consciously leave behind?

Are there lemons on the island? If so my lemon-squeezer thingy… I don’t know for how long I would survive without my glass of lemon water in the morning!
Is it a tropical island? If not, I will have to bring my tibetan wool blanket. It’s red and warm. Need I say more?

I’d like to bring paper to write on and a pen. Whenever I find enough stillness in my life, I feel the urge to write. And that one more thing… probably the glass to drink my lemon water out of. It’ll be worth it.

I’d leave any electronics at home and TOTALLY enjoy being unplugged. A voluntary, time limited, stranding on a desert island sounds SO refreshing and rejuvenating!

3. If you could write a love letter to your 14 year old self — what would it say?

Oh dear Hanna,

Things will get REALLY dire and you will take enough hits within a very short time, to last a lifetime. Good news is – it didn’t kill you and TOTALLY made you stronger. Besides, it is quite possible that those things that happened back then, WILL be the only hits you need to take in your lifetime.

I don’t want to tell you to do anything differently because at 14, you have NO idea just how amazing, beautiful, full of love and laughter your life is now, at 38. And I owe all that to you.

Thank you for all the wrong turns you will make, for how lost you will feel, for the wounds that you sustain, for your insecurities, for how stubborn you are, for how you KNOW to trust your intuition (that’s what ultimately takes you to where I am) and how you NEVER ever surrendered or felt the need to conform.

I love you lots, and know that you made it through safely to the now 🙂

4. What’s your favorite self-love activity?

Walks in the woods or napping in the sun.

5. What is one thing you want the world to know?

I want the world to have FAITH. Faith in that power greater than ours. The one I refer to as LOVE. I want the world to know that it’s entirely up to us to choose love in our thoughts and actions and that it’s time now, to co-create a peaceful and loving world.

6. What’s your favorite treat?

Crazy dark chocolate of course 🙂


Life has taught me that there are NO shortcuts. For lasting success and happiness, you really DO have to have an internal connection to love . It is entirely possible to experience freedom from constantly seeking love and approval from external sources, by cultivating it within.

Without unconditional self-love as a foundation, people are always looking for the next achievement, next material goal or external praise.

This Rumi quote pretty much sums up what I seek to inspire and empower women to do: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I teach self-love and run an online wellness coaching business. My website is ~ Hanna Horner


Thank you so much to Hanna for joining me today on the blog! Sending you all loads of love, light and gratitude. Get out there – do yoga and make life sparkle!!

Please leave a comment below for Hanna or myself with any questions, comments or love.


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  1. Cathy

    So great to read more about you, Hanna. Putting your words together, I hear your message as what’s good for the self is good for the Earth, and vice-versa. I wish you loads of connection and success in your quest to bring More Love to the People!

    Great Rumi quote!


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