Summer Wrap Up

This summer has been one of the most magical summers I have had in a long time. At the beginning of July I decided I really needed to take advantage of and dug my heels into summer!

I was able to spend more time in Wolfeboro than I have in a long time, spent many days outside with Apollo, discovered the joy of playlists on Spotify and made time to teach & play on the stand up paddle board.


As with all my plans and goals, I infused this summer with my Core Desired Feelings. I focused on how I wanted to FEEL as opposed to what I wanted to accomplish.

In June I started to realize that I no longer resonated with my CDFs and on a road trip to Vermont I listened to Danielle Laporte’s magical voice as I began to re-define the way I wanted to feel.

My original words were: boho chic, luxurious, faithful, loved & alive but those words no longer seem to fit! Words give my life such meaning, being a writer and constantly searching for the perfect combination. I love words so much that on top of my core desired feelings, I have three words for how I want to structure my year: abundance, love and strength. CLEARLY I needed a little help and reorganization!

I spent the whole summer playing, listening to inspiration, remembering Pinterest boards and dreaming about pink hair!

One night I received a weekly email from one of my favorite bloggers, Tara Bliss. She spoke about dropping your story vs. accepting what is. In that message she used the example of always being a good girl yet wanting to feel a sense of being WILD.

A cord struck. I’m not sure why or how or what, but that one video gave me permission to let go!

I have always been the “wild one” in my family: the first to get a tattoo, to bring home an amazing man from a faraway place, and to dye my hair brown. But I always checked in with my family after a rebellious move to see if they still loved me and thought I was a “good girl.” But this video, this one sentence somehow changed my view. I know my family will always love me, no matter what.

In that next moment, I went on Pinterest and created a board. I found the perfect pink highlights and found someone who would replicate them for me. I did all this without telling my mom (who is usually the first person I tell things to) and I LOVE them! They came out OM-AMZING!! And though they may not be the first choice of those who love me, they make me feel really cool, wild, free and very BOHO CHIC which I have been wanting to feel all year.


In the past few weeks I have felt more connected to myself than ever before. My new CDFs have been the undercurrent of my entire summer and I love each new word: RADIANT, wild, free, open, connected, boho chic, love/d.

With these feelings in mind, I created a BLISSFUL summer:

ॐ Wolfeboro Tavern Challenge with my cousins ॐ Walks with Apollo ॐ Apollo swimming ॐ My in-laws at the lake ॐ Pink hair!!! ॐ Dancing with my family & friends at Sandra’s wedding ॐ Wakeboarding and extreme tubing ॐ Ice cream on the boat ॐ North End walks, yoga, adventures & creative collaboration with Erin Practicing guitar ॐ Walking the lake with friends ॐ Cape Cod yoga & beaches ॐ Love Yoga Festival ॐ Rhode Island yoga road trips ॐ SUP Yoga ॐ Amazing playlists ॐ Silly convertible rides ॐ Terrible parades with my favorite people ॐ Seeing Jimmy Fallon in Wolfeboro (and finding out he named his daughter Winnie after the lake!) ॐ Embracing my boho style ॐ Using Pinterest in real life ॐ New Moon Ceremonies ॐ FINALLY seeing MC Yogi (and getting on stage!!!) ॐ Yoga everywhere ॐ Cousin bonding ॐ Beautiful date nights ॐ Starting a book club ॐ Vermont yoga retreats & horseback yoga ॐ Our new #RavikumarDen

This summer has been phenomenal and I KNOW it is because I’m stepping into who I am. I’m listening to my Core Desired Feelings, opening my heart and holding on for the wild ride!

Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea & Drink the wild air!
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sending you lots of beautiful love & lingering summer light

This is not a sponsored post, but I am an affiliate of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. If you are interested in purchasing the book, please use this link:

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