Terrific Tuesday: Meeting Santa

This article did start yesterday, but it never got anywhere further than a one sentence draft. My entire day was like that: I locked myself out of my online account, didn’t activate my debit card and couldn’t pay for coffee (thank you generous Starbucks lady for my free coffee!!), poked myself in the eye so badly that it’s still red, cut my finger making dinner and a various amount of hilarious slip-ups and laughable moments. All while taking care of my beloved. He’s teething and has a cold on top of it, so the poor little smush is currently miserable. I had a hell of a day yesterday and even throughout it all, I was so grateful. Grateful that I have the lifestyle to be with Ziggy for most of the day while he was sick (and when I left him, he was with my mom, dad and brother). Grateful for free coffee in a yucky moment. Grateful for my students who lift my vibrations and mood by just arriving and very grateful that 6 years ago yesterday I did NOT get a job at Tobin Montessori.

Let me tell you, 6 years ago I was miserable. I would come home every day crying about how much I didn’t like my job and how disrespected I felt. I wanted more from life and couldn’t figure out what it was I wanted and where I belonged. I so desperately thought it was the job I didn’t get that would change my life, but what I didn’t realize at the time is that it did change my life in a much better way than I could’ve imagined! Not getting that job lead me on a path to where I am today. Sometimes those hard to digest moments are the biggest blessings in disguise.

As I own my own business, I now have the flexibility to live the life I want. As an example of that I get to spend so much time with my baby and this past weekend Zyan got to meet Santa Clause (and his beautiful Mrs.). It was an absolute blast bringing him to my church fair to meet our friends and being with a Mr. & Mrs. Clause I’m comfortable with and know well. I’m not the biggest Santa fan (don’t get me wrong, I’m his biggest fan in terms of magic and Christmas spirit… I mean not a fan of his “helpers” at the mall). Going to church and seeing a Mr. & Mrs. Clause I grew up with put me at ease. My poor child must have thought we were insane. My mom, dad, mother-in-law and I were all gesturing and making a million noises to no avail. This kid just wouldn’t smile! But it made my heart smile anyway knowing we tried and this is real life, so I’ll show his not smiling Santa photo and be proud of it!

I’m so in love with him and Christmas! They say Christmas is the best when you’re a child and I agree…but HAVING a child changes everything. I am already excited about the tiny traditions we are creating and cannot wait to see his excitement in the years to come. Such a blessing.

Today I’ll be in bed (again) after a jaunt at the cafe. My adoring husband took Zyan this morning so I could shower, eat and go to the cafe to do administrative work for 2 hours before he goes to work. I’m so happy I took this path… the path to teach love, to own my studio, to become a momma to this beautiful boy and to marry the love of my life. Good choices younger me, good choices indeed!!

Magical Monday: Meeting Santa

The Little Things

Going to see Elf! The Musical with my brother & husband (thanks mom for the birthday gift of my tickets and watching Zyan while we went), laughing at the church fair with my mother in-law and parents, Zyan meeting everyone at church in his Kiss Me (No Mistletoe Required) outfit (!!), napping most of yesterday with my little man, selling out my teacher training (woo hoo!!!), my yoga gift guides (more to come this week), coffee ALWAYS coffee, working on RYT curriculum and emails, being productive, online grocery shopping, being 95% done with Christmas shopping, my amazing husband getting me coffee in bed on Sunday and taking Ziggy-man this morning, finally watching the Star Wars movies and all of the love & cuddles in the world.

Wishing you a happy holiday season (and Happy Hanukkah to my friends this week!!).

Lots of love & Namaste
Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!!

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