Terrific Tuesday!!! (Or Magical Mondays a day late…)

Wow oh wow!

Terrific Tuesday already?  Where did last week go, or for that matter – where did Monday go? It was such a magical day that I didn’t have time to write!

This past week was full of more learning and as a self proclaimed nerd, it was amazing. I have been learning on my feet as well as in specific trainings at work. I also looked at all of my books for the 500 hour teacher training and I am getting very excited about Chakras, Anatomy & Asanas!!

Some highlights: finally seeing the Plymouth rock (it’s just a big rock-  haha) but it was neat to see the excitement around the heritage!!, Cupcake Charlie’s and bringing a half dozen cupcakes back to work, yoga as a practice, hubby putting up our mailbox, Apollo being okay after his vet appointment, a surprise visit from the Aborns, Apollo’s surprise puppy play date, my first paycheck, trader joes entire frozen section in my freeze (exaggeration but we have a lot of goodies), Gerardi’s and riosotto cakes, date night, spending time in Wolfeboro, manicure, yummy appetizers, our swimming puppy and much more!

This past weekend was an absolute blast! My in-laws came up to our family home in Wolfeboro, NH. My dad taught my father in law how to swim, my MIL went into the water fully dressed, hubby learned how to snorkel, we went tubbing, wake boarding, fishing, ice cream tripping and much more! On Sunday we had a delicious brunch – all 11 of us – at the Wolfeboro Inn. The only thing that would have made it better is my cousins (but they will be visiting us this coming weekend).

Aside from everything else, my favorite part of this past week was Apollo and his big adventure! He went swimming!!! He “swam” in July when we brought him to Wolfeboro, but it was forced and we carried him some of the time. This past weekend, he JUMPED into the water and then swam after hubby & I! He decided to just keep going – he would go to shore to take a breath – and then swim back out of his own will. He definitely stole the show on the beach and I was so proud of him. His little webbed feet really DO mean he is a swimmer. What a joy to watch his face and see how happy he was while swimming to his mumma!

I’ll be keeping that blessing with me all week.

What about you?? Is YOUR Tuesday Terrific?? Have you been counting your blessings?

Much joy, love & light to you!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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